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    Kasper Hviid

    What a great game … I am truly impressed! My ideas:

    How about a cooler, fullscreen main menu?

    A larger, but fun idea: Implementing a very simple first person shooter into Scorched 3D! The Scorched 3D game should not be affected by the fps part. In the other hand, the tiny soldiers should be very much affected by explotions and such. Probably impossible, but …

    It would be nice with some eyecandy at the horizont, to give the illusion that the battleground has a real world around it.

    Some ideas for levels: Some kind of city, with skyscrapers. Some kind of scifi world. Some levels without water.

    It would be nice with a 1st person view, where we see the world from the misiles pov. (maybe shift+4)

    Sometimes, holding shift down is not enough to fine-tune the settings. It would be nice if Ctrl+shift could give even finer adjustment. or maybe right-clicking the rotation-number would let you write new numbers using the keyboard, overwriting the digit to the right.

    How about placing a degree sign at the elevation and rotation, like this:

    When I left-click on the power value I will see all my previous entered values. This is a nice function, but it would really help if the values were alligned. It look a bit clumsy right now.

    Holding the left mouse button down should enable the player to scrool over the landscape.

    OFFTOPIC: It would be cool with a space version of Scorched3D, where the shots were affected by the gravity of the different planets.

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