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    Brain Damage

    i have an idea about making the installation of mods a bit more user-friendly.
    scorched3d already has a file format for packed mods (s3m); how about making the possiblity for scorched3d to associate those file for automatically installing the mods packages when clicking on them?
    those packages can be already meanaged in the options —> mods



    If it can already unpack and import .s3m files from the command line, you can easily do this..

    ALL the other file associations work like this.

    Try this:

    WinKey+R then type mspaint %WINDIR%FeatherTexture.bmp

    It should either open up a feathery texture or say it can’t find the feathery texture.

    Then to implement it as a file association… folder option’s last tab should show you how.

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