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    I had a thought!!!!
    I used to be a
    Quake II Junkie,
    “Hmmmmm rhymes with Funky”
    anyway…. it had many mods, one called King of the hill
    comes to mind, now, I dont know the first thing about doing
    something like this but think about it, one big hill with a
    small table top, all tanks spawn in a circle at the base of the hill,
    fuel, missles “not babies”, baby rollers and napalm only,
    granted free at the start, this might cut some of those long
    drawn out shoot outs where everybody stares drooling waiting
    for the round to end after they die, the constant movement
    might add a bit more action to the game.

    This might be a very cool feature in teamplay also!!!
    Opinions anyone?


    M. O.

    sounds like a very good idea.

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