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    Yes,scary stuff for most people. Maybe start using… >
    >>Seriously 😉

    Statistics for myself–Nationwide w/birth yr.=Infinity
    State w/birth

    Hometown (kinda)—-=30 & im not listed

    If I had my way……………I’d be listed as Betsy…….or Angus—-LOL



    If any stalkers are viewing this………………..Your invited…….Though you walk through the valley of discontent…..I sit upon the hill…………bearing down…….ever so slowly..aiming…aiming……Beware……….Be very aware. We scorchers will diligently defend our targeted position 😉



    I was just looking at that site….

    I had no idea that Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstone, Jesus H. Christ, Bugs Bunny were such common names in the USA!
    And might I add that Elvis LIVES!



    Who would have thought that Jesus H. Christ was born the same year as Santa Claus 😯



    @jdog wrote:

    Your not the only one that lives in a state that has some creepy things that have gone on. A twenty year old muder was solved not long ago and the details on what was done to the women was nastier than what I’ve seen on CSI.

    That makes me curious. Links?



    The only links I could find you have to pay to read since the news is more then a week old.



    One positive benefit of this type of service is that you can become aware of the types & breadth of information that is available to anyone who chooses to investigate you — creditors, employers, etc.

    It’s annoying that it is now available to anyone who has the capacity to find these services online, but at least you can double-check what information is provided in case any blatantly wrong information is affecting other financial, business, etc.



    thanks for the signature boy 😀



    @irishbandit wrote:

    thanks for the signature boy 😀

    LOL, no problem 😆

    (Be careful out there!)


    ellie mae

    does that mean we have to change our name to:

    creepy clan MO ?




    ROFL Stevo….G1. 😀
    In response to…people finding you……………Any info you give (anywhere) on the internet of a personal nature can get you had by some stalker type or hacker. Even the info you dont give;your p.c. gives out info freely unless you protect against it! I run (Free) Kerio personal firewall 4 (find personal use release)—-2ndly Anti-virus-Avast 4.7 Home edition (free) lasts for 14 mo. then reregister (free!). Check for open ports with (free)–I run windoze xp (turn off updates-unless your p.c. is glitching) Close open ports/only share files with a local p.c.) Oh yah…as backup…I run-AVG anti-spyware 7.5 (free also) 😉
    Also–Just because you paid for your OS (XP) Ol Bill (MS) has the right to monitor you…..Not to mention the laws passed to snoop on ya–Last I checked… a U.S. citizen & vet. im still free! So Im closing them doors… 👿 I trust my scorched friends…….Its the unseen ones I worry about.

    The brainier P.C. gurus here can probably provide more solutions than I.

    UPDATE> Just added this one—MISPBO free registry cleaner 3.0 for XP
    (Do a search & download it–works great & backs itself up-no probs.)

    Another scary thought (give out) your phone # on net?|S|Free%20trace&gclid=CNul8omL_4kCFQWTIgodxXT-NA (copy/paste srch)



    Check this site out & learn……..Dont give your info. unless you know it’s safe to do so ❗

    (Dont use this site) or others like it ❗

    LINK BELOW–Use this to see if you’ve been ID thefted…………..Great FREE (Secure) Report. Also tell your bank you want a id flag on your accounts–They will
    thouroghly check out persons involved in accessing your accounts (IS a good thing) you included.

    FREE Credit check from ssl secure credit agencies (can do annually for free) ❗

    Link: ➡



    @ellie mae wrote:

    does that mean we have to change our name to:

    creepy clan MO ?

    yes, possibly 😛



    it’s kinda dissapointing though
    u have to pay for the extra “check”….

    otherwise we have the same thing in italy, but u can request to be taken off of it, if u request to be taken off the phone book… <– it's the site of the phone company, u can search by last name, number, adress, etc….

    …not so great… whish the background check were free 😀

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