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    It’s my damned birthday today, and I want to rant. πŸ˜›

    No, I’m not upset about “getting older”…. Every birthday seems to be a brutal reminder of all that is wrong. I’m normaly a pretty upbeat guy, and can take quite a beating in life without letting it get me down…. well, I think I catch up on that on this day each year. (Well, last year was better, as I didn’t notice it was my Birthday until late in the afternoon, so it was shorter)

    Thankfully, the people at work heeded my requests to not “celebrate” my birthday this year. There is that, I guess. πŸ˜‰

    Sure, you sit there thinking “WTH his he grumbling about?”, right? Well, tell me ONE good thing about having a birthday.
    Please. πŸ™‚




    every five to six years it falls on a holiday. well, for me anyway…

    Congratz on your new level. What are you going to spent your new ability points on?



    @cbx550f wrote:

    Sure, you sit there thinking “WTH his he grumbling about?”, right? Well, tell me ONE good thing about having a birthday.
    Please. πŸ™‚


    Drink lots of beer?



    There’s a TON of good things:

    1. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
    2. The San Jose Sabrecats Cheerleaders
    3. Sitting pantsless in a leather chair next to your window in a corner office while reading the programs from 1 & 2.

    Oh wait, you said for birthdays?

    Your ex has to have them, too?
    You know, I voted “no”, yet I can’t think of any good reasons.



    Happy Birthday….you old fart. πŸ˜€

    I used to enjoy birthdays till my last one (a month ago yesterday) when I turned 40 and I was miserable all day. πŸ˜€



    Thanks for all of the “oh so inspirational words” πŸ˜›
    Well, I went out for dinner with my kids and a buddy of mine – good time. πŸ™‚

    At least it made me forget about my bloody cold for a bit. πŸ˜€

    Oh, and as I said, I’m not upset about getting older. It’s not as though I’m as old as you, Bagger. πŸ˜›

    I just wish birthdays wouldn’t make me some damned philosophical….. that’s just not healthy



    Happy Birthday Your Royal Bastage!

    may you never catch up to matter how hard u try.

    Yeah they kinda sux..they were fine and dandy when you are a kid and even up till the mid 20’s….. after that……do you really need an excuse to have fun any damn day you please with the buds……nope!

    aww.ight…I cant resist…..Stevie?…I’m looking for a new pimp to patrol the southside of the train tracks….you available?

    PM me dawg…. 8)



    Hope you feel better soon, cb!

    Birthdays kinda suck, but I voted for SUCK all the way! πŸ™‚

    opening presents sucks, but the presents themselves only suck some of the time.

    hearing people talk about your birthday sucks alot. If nobody talked about it, I’d be so happy. YAY!

    My wife’s birthday is Christmas Day, which SUCKS FOR HER, but is super great for me. I can make her birthday whatever day I want it to be πŸ˜€

    My Birthday is day before Valenties Day, which is great (usually) but then valentines day sucks because i have to remember to be nice. So that makes my birthday suck too.

    Changing numbers sucks because I sometimes can’t remember what number I am, which makes me feel stupid, which sucks.

    All Round numbered ages SUCK, for instance:

    10, ten is a very useful number, and while ten itself doesn’t suck, being small and getting belittled does suck – ALOT.

    20 is just short of 21, so that sucks – No beer for you! You’re probably in college, which is fun but basicaly it still sucks.

    30 sucks a golf ball through a garden hose. You’ve passed your twenties and lost your youth. You’re life get’s stuck in some dull routine, your past mistakes in life are so fresh in your mind. You want to give up. Life really sucks at 30.

    40, at forty a certain power is bestowed on you, which is cool. But saving for retirement sucks, your kids are idiot teenagers, you don’t fit in with either old or young people, your friends have mostly moved away. 40 doesn’t suck as much as 30, but IT SURE SUCKS.

    50 is a great number generally speaking. It is two times 25, and 25 is a great number. Being muliplied by two doesn’t do much for ya though, I meantioned the problem with small numbers. Two is an especially SUCKY age.

    60, there is nothing good about 60. Being a senior PLAIN SUCKS. two times 30, which is bad enough, then you’re actually old too, and in pain… and PAIN SUCKS.

    70 is a cool number. Well, okay, the 7 is nice looking but there isn’t much to say about zero. Did you know zero is a mathematical concept, it does not exist! Likewise society begins to forget you exist at 70, and that is, well, hurtful.

    I cannot say much else sucky about ages past seventy because I would feel like I’m just being mean to old people, and mean people suck. But 70 does bring me to the number 7, which is perhaps the best age of all.

    7 is great because school is easy, every day you can play, eveything is new and fun, you have no worries. Only 5 has a chance to beat 7 for the best age. Why? The most important thing about 5 and 7 is that they are both prime ages. Early in life you get to be prime alot, but later it is hard to be prime.

    Being prime is fun.

    Happy Birthday cb! – whatever age you are, you’re either prime, or one year closer to a higher prime! πŸ˜‰



    Happy belated Birthday CBX.



    i agree with you cbx. Birthdays suck BIG TIME.

    especially the next one ;-(. i never wanted to become 20 now i am already becoming 30.


    happy belated birtday



    mecha mario

    ah for the youth hm.. oh well happy birthday gramps hehe jk



    Happy belated birthday CB!

    Had to go with the 1st option as well. Haven’t really cared much for them these last few years. Not very uplifting and such, but look … take a peak at the voting results. Feel the sensation of sympathy and understanding from all your scorched compadres who themselves feel a chill to their very core at the slightest notion of another b-day is showing its ugly mug around the corner. πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one and good luck with the cold.



    Happy B-day CBX.



    I am sorry for your pain πŸ˜•
    and can relate…..

    Thats all I gots to say about that.

    -Dire*not celebrating*Wolf πŸ˜‰



    DW, your silience made the strongest statement. πŸ˜‰

    I’m not telling you how old I am just yet, but Boy led me to a good clue to give: I am in my prime. πŸ˜€

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