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    I can’t seem to get an online game going that others can join in 🙁 and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. This is what I am doing, please correct me if I’m making a mistake:
    Start the game
    Click “start a multi-player LAN or internet server”
    make up a server name like “joe” and give it an identical password “joe”
    click on “advanced settings” and go to “players”
    make minimum players “2” and maximum “10”
    make “remove after bots” 0
    make the first two players “human” and the rest random
    go back to the previous page and start the server, which procedes to start the game with the bots

    Then I go back to the opening menu and join the game as a player, entering “joe” in the “connect to” and “password” lines

    I then enter the game just fine. But my friends can’t seem to get in, they get the “failed to connect to server” message. Turning off the password doesn’t help. My IP address (but NOT server name) shows up in the list of games online but it has a question mark next to it and no information. There’s another computer in the house and I can’t join the game using it either.

    What am I doing wrong?



    You probably aren’t opening up the correct TCP/IP ports for the game.

    Your firewall, router, or even just your OS has most likely CLOSED all non-essential incoming ports for your system’s security. Any time you want to run a server, you need to OPEN the appropriate port number(s) for the desired server — a Scorched3D game, in this case. Otherwise, no one from outside your system can talk (via TCP/IP packets) to your game server. Thus, you need to follow Gavin’s instructions & your firewall, router, &/or OS’s instructions on opening the appropriate TCP/IP ports to host a Scorched3D game.

    Here is the official Gavin post on Scorched3D games & game servers :

    The following is a related link I wrote regarding NAT routers, port numbers, etc. :

    Good luck.

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