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    Hi all,

    I wanted to know if its possible to make (drawlandscape off and drawlandscape on) hotkeys from f7-f12. If so,could someone describe in detail how to for me. I can get into console and type them in every game…but it is time consuming during game play. Not sure if it matters…but i have windows xp.

    Would be much appreciated,

    thank you, Lanny(Holy Hell)



    look at this link m8 this is when i asked about and i should tell you all you need to no



    Ok…things are really screwed up now.
    Followed directions, and dont know where things went wrong.
    I cant even get into the game now…i get a couple pop up windows…
    failed to parse
    parse error line:696 col:0 error no element found

    2.failed to process keyboard file keys.xml
    This above happens when trying to get into game.

    Here is what i get when i tried to make hotkeys for landscape off/on in notepad and then saving.

    when i open it at the bottom it says: the xml page cannot be displayed
    cannot view xml using xsl stylesheet…please correct error.

    like i said…dont know went wrong…typed everything like directions said. and now something has changed so that i cant even get into game.

    Any help out there? Lanny



    Sounds like it was trying to be opened in something other than notepad?

    To be sure – fire up notepad (not wordpad), go to File->Open, select “All Files” from the file types dropdown, find the file, open it.

    Making the changes there should do it.
    Failing that, maybe it’s better that someone who actually has windows helps you. 😉




    It was notepad that I used, thats why i’m not understanding why it didnt work. I even went back in and deleted what i typed in in the first place…hoping that would at least get me back into the game. No such luck though, scorched terminates due to everything I wrote about previously and also saying becuase of configuration is wrong.

    I am thinking I should uninstall the whole game and then re-install!? 🙁



    @lljustice2002 wrote:

    I am thinking I should uninstall the whole game and then re-install!? 🙁

    Yup it should fix it, but get sure to keep a copyof your ids.xml file if you want to keep our online rank.
    And next time you try to edit one of those xml files, keeping a backup would be a good idea.



    I went ahead and uninstalled game and re-installed.
    Will try again sometime to make my hotkeys backing it up like you said Device. Just irks me I couldnt get it figured out! lol 👿
    I will admit I’m not the most computer savvy. But I’m pretty sure I’m just over-looking some small detail thats screwing things up.



    copy the keys.xml to your “documents and settings/username/.scorched3d/” directory. That one will override the one in the install directory, and if you mess it up, you can just delete it. 😉

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