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    I have had several ocations during game where i have made several kill but have a score below 100 where others are way over 200 with no kills, now i know that you get points for surviving a round and presumubly more score for killing with a small weapon rather than a big one.
    Is there a breakdown of the scoring used in this game or if not can someone in the know post one on this thread please?



    There are no additional points for killing with smaller weapons, only addtional money (and skill points)

    The breakdown of the scoring is discussed in this thread

    The official servers always have been set up to give the win the players with the most round wins. Although kills should really be worth more like 100, they’re only 1/5 of a round win. It is very hard to win without the most round wins.



    After reading that, my whole perspective of the game has changed! So it is the survivor who wins, the one that is good at hiding, choosing purple as a colour and generally keeping quiet as opposed to the master killer! Wots the point of all this artillary then? All we need to do to win is buy a shield and a ton of dirt :(. Hmmm, ill go and have a look at appoc it seems more death kill death!!!!



    That is an excellent point, one that I have been trying to get people to understand for some time! Originally, ApocHQ games were won strictly by the most kills, this was in my view, better than the current score settup.

    The discussion linked below is a very detailed discussion of how the score works at the apoc server, and how Bobirov and I think it should work (which is a bit different, but we found some middle ground) 🙂

    Warning, do not read it unless you have your thinking cap on! 😉

    you’d probably want to start here ➡ “score and incentives”

    if you have extra time, start from the top ➡ Boy begins to wonder…



    I can see ive opened up a whole can of worms here! Now it has been put to me that it may be a good idea to open up a poll on this issue, if i do this am i stepping on anybodys toes? I dont want to start a decention in the ranks argument ending up with me getting kicked! I was thinking of doing it simply with ‘Does the scoring system need to be changed?’ Then people can vote then tell how they think it should be changed in a post. If i then get several similar suggestions then open another poll for people to pick how they would like it to work, then finally put these figures to ‘Some Guy’ to se what he says. Is this kinda how it works or am i way off the mark?

    Just a note, i had a half hearted stab at my previously mentioned tactics and it did work to some extent as i managed to get 3 wins basially by hiding and digging in but it was maily thwarted by my big gob! If i had managed to change my name without any one seeing me do it (and avatar) and keeping quiet (and throttling TheOne) and basically no being so blatent with my tactic then i proberbly could have won the game.




    I think a poll on this might be good, but right now it would be best to wait and see what happens on the assist issue, a slightly different problem.

    You’ll find that too much contention over this sorta stuff gets people wound up.

    Many around here feel that surviving is a skill just like shooting. My belief is that when round wins are worth too much, the game should be called RunAroundTheMap3D.

    Besides that, when there is some inconspicuous noob around, the most dangerous players leave them alone until all of the sudden they have 3 round wins. He’s just plinking away, fairly poorly, then all of the sudden he’s winning? what sort of contest is that? So the guy not getting shot at is the best player? The best player is the one doing the most damage. and getting hit the most IMO, that player should be awarded with the win. The round wins should be worth plenty of money, of course, but not that much points.

    You might enjoy the Tournament I plan to do, I want to give people a new perspective on game wins. 🙂 If you’re interested, perhaps you can help me iron out my scoring system? In a little while, when things get quiet around here again, maybe then would be a good time to bring up the scoring at main server 🙂

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