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    I am not trashing this game one bit.

    The effort put into it was amazing and I think it initself has a LOT of potential.

    I think the fact that the simplicity of the 2d version is missing makes this game very hard to play.

    I think the interfaces are neat and I am surprised at how easy it is to move the camera. I do think though if you guys made a game that was just a simple make-over of the original it would do a lot better, and honestly be more fun, and probably be more viral on the web.

    I know there is this desire to make things better but I don’t think it is that simple. Paying homage to the original creater (Wendell) by remaking it, or remodeling it is probably an honor in itself.

    Just make the game the same, better graphics, same physics, better looking tanks. Think Super Mario for the Wii…simple…the same…yet amazing.



    Thank you for your feedback, what about the game did you find difficult or need improving on, could you elaborate? (what could we do to make it simpler in 3d?)

    if you have any new ideas bubbling, any thoughts are appreciated. 😀




    Im happy i got a response quick. I appreciate your time.

    I don’t know how you could make it simpler in the three dimensions you guys made it to be…

    I found the game really difficult in the following areas:

    camera angles – half the time I couldn’t get a good position where I could see where my tank was relative to the opponents. I know there were pre-set camera angles, but it just never got to a comfortable position.

    aiming – it takes too much time to figure out how to aim in 3-dimensional space. There are a lot more ways to miss than in a 2d version. it requires more skill than trial and error could ever achieve.

    The only way I can think of it being simpler (in 3d) is if you can make a 3d terrain (like you already have) and allow your tank to target other computers in a linear fashion. Take out one of the dimensions with targeting. Catch my drift?



    @scorchedfan wrote:

    aiming – it takes too much time to figure out how to aim in 3-dimensional space. There are a lot more ways to miss than in a 2d version. it requires more skill than trial and error could ever achieve.

    It makes this game so great. Rules are simple but one need lot of skill to master it. I think You need more practice. Get some experience and then you’ll see it is not so hard and there is lot of fun with it.



    I know some individuals who can nail you on the first or second shot, it takes a little practice, also you may want to check out:

    Its BOY’s guide to help you get better even faster 🙂

    Also i wold reccomend playing with pros, they know a few tricks that will surely give you a tactical edge ingame, just ask i am sure they would indeed assist you. I aslo would let them know your relatively new, that way they go easy on you and let you aim a bit :mrgreen: .

    Hope it helps!!


    ** edit, there are new camera angles in the upcoming release if i am not mistaken. 😀



    the fact is, it does take some trial and error to maser, and you can master it.

    no doubt that 3D makes for more dificulty aiming. The wind does very funny things. This is why you must practice a bit.

    My aiming guide mentioned above has been very useful for some players, not everyone likes it, some like to use other methods, but this seemed to me to be the most easily understood way to teach the game.

    I hope you enjoy.



    I’ll give it another shot then. one of the things that tricked me out, was that funnel looking thing when you are aiming. I could never tell if it was in the right direction since at some camera angles it disappears.

    I’ll give it another shot playing for a while.



    Keep trying, 3D aiming is inherently more difficult, and it has to be learned by doing. Keep in mind how Capt’n Kirk was able to out smart Kahn in “The wrath of Kahn” Kahn, having learned tactics on the ground couldn’t think in 3 dementions, therefore lost. Now if he had been able to practice more…

    oh yea, don’t ever wear red…




    The other thing that may help your aiming, is the fact that those pre-set
    views are only that.. presets. You can control your view more freely with
    manual controls.

    Left-Click to Center the viewpoint on an area.
    Right-Drag to Rotate the camera anywhere.
    Left-Drag to Pull the map around benieth you.
    Scroll Wheel to Zoom in and out.

    And pressing the A key rotate’s your tank to the direction of your
    mouse cursor and displays a pillar at that point. For no or low wind
    shots, it can help you shoot at them straighter. However, it only effects
    Rotation, not Power or Elevation.

    Also, for areas where you feel confined, Press the Right-Alt button to
    allow the cam to move beyond the hills and roof constraints.

    With these totally unresitricted controls, many of us click and spin
    constantly to see all parts of the battle from every angle. It only takes
    a short time to master the controls, a little longer to get the hang of
    aim and power.



    Spend some time on the target practice server thats built it….it lets you get a real feel for each weapon and how it works, also you get to try alot of different angles and power in a vERY short time span (no ones shooting back) then use the built in practice games……then comeon down….we’ll go ez… :mrgreen:
    Welcome aboard, you’ll be hooked before long. 8)

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