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    View stats for Scorched3D – 40
    2006-07-15 16:06:49 to 2006-10-28 12:54:34
    Players : 4401, Games: 90202, Rounds : 656640

    View stats for Scorched3D – 40.1
    2006-10-28 16:03:11 to 2007-01-24 06:59:35
    Players : 4111, Games: 39641, Rounds : 285043

    The Holiday season really takes it out of us! We’re on pace for roughly half of the amount of games and rounds for the previous three months 😯



    @boy wrote:

    The Holiday season really takes it out of us!

    I think it’s more the fighting over funkys, grids, resigns, and cheating that just turned people off the game. Maybe Scorched will recover.



    “minor” point was overlooked.

    V40 team server BOTS played 24 / 7
    beginners server bots only played games when 1 player joined
    V40 & V40.1

    all numbers below came from roughly 3 months of play in each:

    25116 kills from top AI “BOT” in team server – V40
    2403 kills from top AI “BOT” in team server – V40.1

    5480 kills from top AI “BOT” in beginners – V40
    5981 kills from top AI “BOT” in beginners – V40.1

    Main – 18 days 2 hrs played (top 3 players) – V40
    Main – 39 days 6 hrs played (top 3 players) – v40.1

    so things are actually quite better now, yippee!!
    you can find a game anytime in the evening
    now, unlike last versions major drought @ main.

    im so glad the 50 kill limit to get in was removed
    the numbers above are proof
    “It Worked!!!”



    I’d say you nailed it there NP. In the time since I joined the game I don’t think there has ever been such a good chance of finding a game.

    As for people not playing because of the bickering here on the forums I’d say it has less of an impact compared to the fact that quite a few play almost every day. Now even with scorched being as fun and great as it is you get bored from time to time if you play too much. On the bright side most people that take a break come back sooner or later (sooner being the more common scenario).



    ahh yes, i had forgotten about that teams server problem, I really did try to get it solved sooner, but the management ports are so uncooperative sometimes!

    Good call NP!

    yes, I’ve also noticed that the servers have never been busier, good for us.

    (Perhaps forum bickering even stimulates more games 😛 )

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