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    yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

    hi jock ;p

    long live this thread 😉


    Metal Slug Mario



    Hi Mandy, Jock, BD, Bruin, Mooic, Chopper, Apache, Mozo, M.S. Mario, Vihor, and all the others who didn’t post here yet :]



    As most of you may know…..I…do not type that fast….so.I’m gonna cover all this with one big HLO ALL! I’m sorry I have’nt been in the game much:( You all are still the best ❗


    Metal Slug Mario



    Brain Damage

    Official Forum Flame

    Dear …

    [ ] Clueless Newbie
    [X] Lamer
    [ ] AOLer
    [ ] “Me too”-er
    [X] Pervert
    [ ] Geek
    [X] Spammer
    [X] Nerd
    [ ] Elvis
    [ ] Fed
    [X] Freak
    [ ] Scientologist
    [ ] Scammer
    [X] Dumbass
    [X] Pre-teen

    You Are Being Flamed Because:

    [ ] You posted MODs in pieces LESS than 5000 lines
    [ ] You posted something asking for warez sites
    [ ] You quoted an ENTIRE post in your reply
    [X] You continued a long, stupid thread
    [ ] You failed to use the search feature and/or browse through different sections of this forum
    [X] You started an off-topic thread
    [X] You posted a “YOU ALL SUCK” message
    [ ] You haven’t learned the difference between E-mail and newsgroups
    [X] You posted a blatently obvious troll
    [ ] You posted pretending to be someone famous (See “troll” above)
    [ ] You replied to the above message type believing it was actually someone famous
    [ ] You said “me too” to something
    [X] You suck
    [ ] You haven’t named your thread properly
    [X] Your sig/alias/server sucks
    [ ] You posted a lame-sex ad
    [ ] You posted a stupid pyramid money making scheme and claimed it was legal
    [ ] I think you might be a fed
    [ ] You posted in ElItE CaPiTaLs because you think that makes you cool
    [X] You have demonstrated that your are beyond stupid
    [ ] You didn’t do anything specific, but appear to be so generally worthless that you are being flamed anyway

    To Repent, You Must:

    [X] Stop masturbating for a week
    [ ] Give up your AOL account
    [X] Bust up your modem with a hammer and eat it
    [X] Tell your Mommy you’ve been a bad boy
    [X] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor
    [X] Actually post something relevant
    [ ] Read the FAQ
    [X] Be the guest of honor in alt.flame for a month

    In Closing, I’d Like to Say:

    [ ] Blow me
    [X] Get a life
    [X] Never post again
    [ ] Age 10 more years before you post again
    [ ] I pity your dog
    [ ] Go to hell
    [ ] Yer momma’s so fat/stupid/ugly that etc…
    [X] Take your s**t somewhere else
    [ ] Get f**ked, you pathetic loser
    [X] Learn to post or f**k off
    [ ] All of the above


    Metal Slug Mario

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