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    Ok, I cant remember most of the questions I meant to ask here heh. Anyway, I dont have an internet connection at home for a few days/weeks or so. I was bored and started messing with a few weapons. Turns out its pretty fun and I’m being kinda productive!

    First off, huge thanks to everyone and anyone working on the wiki ‘mod manual’ stuff. It realy made the diffrence between me messing around for an hour and me putting like a solid 5 hours in a night now. Anyway, I am kinda ripping off boy’s idea of a mission based thing. I didn’t read his post till like 2 minutes ago so, I promise mine wont be as cool.

    The Plan:

    I am going to get it (hopefully) working so that there is the normal tank warfare, but also one large stationary target that shoots fairly strong fairly randomish weapons. Its going to have a realy strong shield and realy high life, but it you kill it, it counts as a win. So you win by either killing everything else, or killing the big thing, currently called MainBrain.

    Currently I have (I believe) 19 or 20 working weapons in the mod. I think at this point they all use custom models and I’ve gotten around to a few custom sounds. I have 1 test level up and working (and boring but hey making it run was last nights goal). I have the MainBrain model made also.

    Weapons of note, funky bomb is pretty big. Looks a little less funky then the original, no multi color tags. It also uh, funkies, twice. There is also an underground sandhog type version that shoots 5x underground funkies. Then there is the funky cannon that pretty much erases half of a map. (i love it)

    A few MainBrain specific weapons are working (mostly) like the scatter laser. It just sends 15 small but potent lasers randomly down from the sky. I am in the process of figuring out how to orient it right, currently it uses the shoot angle so it doesn’t always go straight up and down. I’m not 100% sure I like that.

    One other ‘weapon’ I like alot is the foam party. Realy all it is is scattered white shields of a few diffrent sizes that drop all over the place. If you blow them up you get a good chunk of money, if you hide in them they can save you. It realy makes some of the larger fling-bombs-all-over type weapons realy do fun stuff (like kill everything hah).

    I am currently kinda stumped on a few things though. First off, I cant figure out if its possible to have a target (like cbx’s target tank I mean) substantialy larger then normal. Also, can I have a target like that set up to have specific bot AI? As in, I have weapons that human players cant use due to the true tags. If I dont have them in the bot’s they wont use it. The last step would be making just the MainBrain have its own bot type that uses nothing but those weapons. So the question(s) here is… Can you scale target tank models? Can you assign target tanks a specific bot AI?

    I also have a few evasive manuver weapons. One I plan on making just warps your tank straight up (pretty high) with no delay. Then it will either fall back to the ground with a chute, or I would manualy warp it back. I am quite possibly just missing it in the wiki, but are there commands for manualy moving a tank (with no input from the uses but the spacebar) ?

    Also, another weapon I have is called 10 Second Hero which makes you realy tough for 10 seconds (boost health realy high, might make it reboost every second 10 times) and then just gives you 100% health. Both these weapons are for the times when you know your about to get hit with something big and just want to be a pain hehe. Anyway, is there any way to add a shield to your tank, and have it delay like 10 seconds and then remove it? Realy, is there a command for taking away your current shield?

    Ok, I have to run. I have many more questions when I’m sitting at home drinking beer blowing up countless bots but… I cant think of them all. Anway, I hope to have a cleaner working version (working’ish at least) and I’ll upload it somewhere for interested people to check out in the next few days.

    Oh yeah, one other thing. You can scale projectile models and stuff, is there any way to scale roller models? Like, there doesn’t seem to be a . Currently I just scale the acual model until its right then change everything else’s scale in the xml.

    Everything is still pretty new to me but I’m making more progress then I expected. Other then having issues getting models to work right (I cant model in milkshape, I cant model in anything, but i REALY cant model in milkshape!). Does anyone else use wings3d ??

    Anyway, I hope to make some cool mission based 1player/multiplayer mods in the future. If there is something already in the works (dont realy have time atm to read all the forums) I would be glad to direct my effort to that (if you need a flakey sucky guys help).

    peace and chicken grease


    Brain Damage

    are there commands for manualy moving a tank (with no input from the uses but the spacebar)

    yes, using this version’s code you can tweak the teleport, you may use a weapontranslate for exmaple to set a fixed distance for the tank to be teleportied to, next version whatever will let you have also fuel more configurable.

    is there a command for taking away your current shield?

    no command fro taking away your own shield, but my suggestion would be to create a delayed invisible explosion in the same point of your shield (with option ) with lots of damage that will wipe out the shield, you will notice that you can’t execute another command while you load up a shield so my suggestion to take on the shield would be to add a target with shields in the same place of the tank

    is there any way to scale roller models?

    no, or at least not yet at the moment (i wish for this myself)

    Does anyone else use wings3d?

    me sometimes, but i prefer K3d (i totally dislike blender interface, too hard for me to use it 👿 ) even if i need a converter tool to convert to milkshape ascii (i don’t know pyton so i can’t write an import/export plugin for milkshape files)

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