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    Saddistic Fungus

    Hey DeathStryker, and or anyone else who knows more than I when it comes to modelling. Could someone make me a model of a wierd looking mushroom with a big cannon attached to the top of it? Or something that looks like a saddistic fungus model heheh, Id give u money for it but paper doesnt really cut it



    Err, right now I’m seeing about making a model for the Nuke but maybe afterwards. Could you give any more details as to what you want exactly. I’m afraid to use my imagination on something that’s for someone else.


    Saddistic Fungus

    A mushroom with a big top and skinny wavy stem. Then a big cannon on top of the head.

    Stem is white and top is green with red dots.

    Maybe have a hand coming out of the stem holding a knife heheheh

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