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    @The AI wrote:

    I take it you have not played the proper version of Oblivion, with the right mods, everything can be seen….. everything.

    That’s true. You would be amazed at the draw distance in that game when you’re on top of a mountain. You can see far away towns.

    @The AI wrote:

    Also, with oblivion, even with low fps there isn’t chop, that is the main thing with low fps in 41, it is choppy, so something in that area might help the people who don’t have good computers.

    Maybe a framerate smoothing option would help? The game would still run slow but it would be less choppy.

    I read in another post somewhere where Gavin was thinking about bringing back the older water as an alternative and I gotta say that I’d rather enjoy that option. The old cubemapped water was still pretty even if it was oldschool. Anything to get better FPS.



    Yes, once v41 is out I will re-evaluate the speed based on the comments I recieve. This will probably lead to some options to make it faster (with a lower level of detail) and perhaps some optimization too.

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