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    So, I don’t know what I’ve done.

    Scorched3D was running fine, I was having a “blast” and the world was cool. Then I was playing around with the XML files to change the default money for wins/kills/damage in single-player games. I also tried changing some of the other stuff for fun, like the min and max number of players – but this caused the game to go a little funky and not let me play, etc.

    So I backed out most of the changes and just changed the money. Everything seemed fine.

    Until at some point – I don’t know exactly when – the water stopped appearing in the landscape. The terrains were basically just some hills in the middle of some vast plains. Then I went to start a new game and my favourite model (A.T.S.T.) wasn’t there – and I noticed most of the models were missing. There were only a few tanks and artillery and stuff. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I restarted – no help. I looked through some of the models in the directory to see if there was something commong about the models that were/weren’t being loaded. There didn’t seem to be anything.

    I thought maybe it’s because of the stuff I’ve been doing on my own – i.e. I’m doing my own 3D game development. I had been running 3D Studio, and I had installed some Java3D stuff and the Java Advanced Imaging, etc. Plus I do regular Windows C++ dev on my machine for work. So I uninstalled, killed the scorched3D directory and reinstalled – and nothing changed.

    Then I rebooted, thinking I may have gotten my machine into a weird state.

    I start up Scorched3D – and still nothing has changed! No water… No A.T.S.T… no KENNY!

    I never touched tanks.xml, and I hadn’t been fiddling with my own tank models or textures (yet).

    I looked around the forums and faq and haven’t seen anything similar…

    But, before I d/l the source and compile my own debug version – has anyone seen anything like this? Anyone have tips on a solution?

    P.S.: sorry about the novel 🙂




    I just found the .scorched3d directory under my user settings with a display.xml (among others).

    There is a “No water” and detail level setting in there.


    I guess that doesn’t get uninstalled when you uninstall.

    Figures I’d find it right after bringing myself to post for help. Murphy’s law I guess.



    oh, well, I guess no one will help you, then. 😛



    Sounds like you need to uninstall Scorched3d then
    run a registry medic or some other program to clean
    out your registry

    then go into C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator.scorched3d
    and delete it all then… reinstall

    Note : it’s always a good thing to copy existing Xml
    documents to a backup folder before medeling with them



    Yeah, that’s exactly what I did.. I made a backup of the xml files before I changed them – that’s why when I brought them all back to the originals and it didn’t help, I didn’t know what was going on… I just didn’t know about the .scorched3d directory 🙂

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