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    Last login: Thu Dec 25 18:49:21 on ttyp1
    /Users/terk21/Desktop/bin/scorched3d; exit
    Welcome to Darwin!
    Terks-Laptop:~ terk21$ /Users/terk21/Desktop/bin/scorched3d; exit
    Keyboard : Key “k” and state “NONE” defined for “CAMERA_ROTATE_DOWN” was also defined …
    Keyboard : Failed to process keyboad file keys.xml
    [Process completed]

    i ran the game once, then the next time i went to start the game i decided to switch up some of the hotkeys for ease of use. after doing so i tried to start the game and it did not start up. i tried to go back to the settings/options menu and i get this message in terminal. ive tried reinstalling the game and still it happens. i even tried running from x11. no luck. can anyone help with this?



    Delete the ~/.scorched3d/keys.xml file.



    I’ve had a lot of luck building a universal .app bundle using the downloaded version of scorched3d and Platypus.

    I’ll write a quick howto here, but if people would rather i upload my app bundle, I’d be happy to. This howto is for making either a intel/ppc app, not a universal app. The universal app is slightly more complicated, but if there’s interest I’ll write that up as a howto as well.

    1. Download Platypus at the above link.
    2. Download a nice icon for Scorched3d. I used this one, which is licensed under a Creative Commons License, making it free to use for noncommercial purposes with attribution. Download the “Mac Icon: ICNS” version.
    3. Download the Scorched3d mac DMG from this site. Open it.
    4. Open Platypus. It may give you some error messages because it’s not running as a superuser, ignore these and it will save your prefs into your user folder.
    5. Click “Show Advanced Options”
    6. Right (or ctrl) click the icon (the smiling platypus), and choose “Select ICNS”. Find the icon you downloaded in step 2.
    7. Click the + sign next to “Files and Folders to be Bundled into the Resources folder”. Go to the scorched3d disk image and select both bin and Frameworks. Click “Add”. It should match the below linked image.
    8. Uncheck “Remains Running after Initial Execution
    9. Change the “Output” box to “None”
    10. Below “Script Path”, click “New”. Type in the following at the bottom of the window.
      cd bin

      Click Save.

    11. Change the AppName to Scorched3d
    12. Your window should approximately match this one. The Identifier and author may be different, that’s okay, it doesn’t really matter for running the game.

    13. Click “Create”. It will ask you for a location to save the app bundle. Once you click save, It might take a little while to run, on my macbook it took about 90 seconds.
    14. copy the newly created app to wherever you like keeping your games.


    Thanks, I’ll give it a go for the next release.



    I have bundled a universal version but I haven’t been able to test it on a PPC mac.. would someone like to beta test it to see how it runs?



    I could test it.



    It’s 110mb as a DMG or 60mb as a 7z archive. Or I could wrap it in a 7z SEA.

    If you PM me an email address I can Dropsend it to you.



    The email against my account or at the bottom of the site should reach me.

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