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    Hey, i’m new to Scorched 3D, and would love to try it. The only problem is i have a Mac, so when I download it, i’m not prompted to install anything, and the Scorched 3D folder… has basically nothing i can use to play the game. Allow me to show you, this is what the folder contains (In order from top left to bottom right): AUTHORS, COPYING, README, scorched3d, share, TODO. All of the files except for the scorched3d, and share are Textedit files. When i double click on scorched3d, it opens up Terminal, runs something, and thats it.

    I’ve downloaded OpenAl, and installed it, but have no idea how it’s helping. Could someone please help me with installing this, thanks.

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    I don’t know much about mac, but one guy does, here are some links to his posts where he has helped others.



    That link is a search engine only?

    Well i just realized that i have absolutely no idea how to run this game, (no knowledge of Terminal, or UNIX) and i can’t find any instructions. If this Mac user could help me step by step, i would greatly appreciate it.



    Try PM’ing either of these guys if they don’t see this post first:

    They both have extensive knowledge in mac systems.



    Extensive is a bit abusive 🙂

    I’m sorry but i currently no longer have acess to MacOS machines, so it will be difficult to help you.

    Do you know about command line working in MacOS ? Running the file from within a console window may help, as you’d be able to see what the output of its execution is, and to report it here if it doesn’t helps you.



    sorry about that, but I mistakenly thought my search options were saved in the url.

    if you do a search for topics by “fab4” you will find list of discussions on mac installation. Or do a search for terms “mac install”



    I might be able to help out here… let me fetch the install from this page first and see (i installed from source so it might take a little time)

    AFAIK, the process of running this game is fairly simple;
    first mount the dmg (just double click it and it’ll mount)

    you can run the game straight from the image, though I would recommend you copy the files to a different folder… When this is done, just double click the scorched3d file (no need to use the terminal; the terminal will open and you’ll see some things that won’t interest you, just ignore it, and a graphical window with some options open up – from there on its fairly intuitive.. )

    If you have any further questions feel free to post here and I’ll try to help




    Cbx, isn’t that faq terribly outdated or am I wrong? if the more recent builds of scorched for mac is built with wxmac, then they shouldn’t be requiring X11 as the faq indicates? or am I wrong now?

    While I’m at talking about X11, did you install that from your OSX-CD?



    The lastest is built with wx mac, I *think* this means you shouldn’t have to run X.



    The latest version of Scorched 40.1d doesn’t require X11, but you’ll still need to run it from the Terminal. Scorched won’t run from the Finder. The link that cbx550 posted is accurate to install Scorched 40.1d and if you follow it exactly, Scorched will run.

    I’ve verified you CAN run Scorched 40.1d from either the Terminal or X11.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    Ok, so the Terminal works up until the point when it tells me to enter “cd /usr/local/games/scorched3d” into it, and press enter. When i do that, it says, “No such file or Directory,” or it says, “Not a Directory,” so i have no clue where to go from there.

    By the way thanks everyone for all the help.



    Type cd / [enter]
    cd /usr/local/games [enter]
    ls [enter]

    This will list the contents of the games folder – which should be the scorched3d folder

    Let us know what you see



    Do you want me to enter those in after i’ve entered “sudo mv scorched3d /usr/local/games/,” or just right when I open up terminal?

    And i just noticed something wierd… when i put the “scorched3d” file into my “Documents” folder, it sometimes just dissapears from my computer after I used Terminal.



    Well sudo mv… is the move command – so it’s not surprising the Scorched3d folder is disappearing from your Documents folder.

    Sounds like you’re very close to getting it working

    ls [enter] lists the disk directory

    You should have a folder called scorched3d inside the /usr/local/games folder

    Inside the scorched3d folder should be:

    To run the program, from the scorched3d folder type:
    ./scorched3d [enter]

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