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    …..i am so excited……i just can’t hide it …… and yet another poll…… about this…..

    i did not vote, you all know my opinion




    Special exceptions should not be just for admins.

    Besides that’s not even true.
    Admin’s don’t need to sit and watch.
    There is a web interface.


    I disagree with that sir, people like Mandy and Apache have helped more noobs then I can count on all my paws! if you dont believe me why dont you try asking some new players, and you will find your statement false, they have encouraged many new players and answered many of thier questions, I know this because I talk with quite a few and have seen the respect they have for them.
    I do believe the admins should be there or what is the point of having server admins in the first place???? a badge of honor???? 🙄

    yes there is a web interface, but what are you gonna do from there?
    what would the purpose of that be? you cant see the game if your not in it,
    getting in and helping and playing with the new players is more important than not doing anything at all.
    You are a player with many skills and your knowlege of the game could help many, but if you feel you should not share that with them thats your business, but other admins do share that knowlege.

    so I have to disagree with you there! helping and playing with the noobs is a good thing 😀

    I may be wrong about the seperate account, not positive!

    my 2 cents on your statement




    I must say that the pebble idea is great and may encourage many others to join main server or helping the others in beginners since de new baby pros as they were called already, can’t do nothing than thor a a pebble :).

    Or they start to help the others players in begginers and throw pebbles to them 😛

    Or join main and find out what is a real good game with people that really plays.

    (not saying that noobs doesn’t know how to play, just trying to show what is a real game to the baby pros)



    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    @barnabas wrote:

    The pebble is brilliant. Can it roll, just for a little bit of variety?

    since you asked.. It does now

    the pebble now bounces/skips a couple times
    then shatters/crumbles into smaller fragmented pieces.

    mind you it still wont take alot away in hurtamount so its purely
    for visual amusement .. even added some small short effect .wavs
    tested it over & over & took me 5 direct hits to kill with it.

    SWEET! Shock you rock! No matter what cbx says about you, *I* think you’re cool.




    went ahead and made the baby pebble into a
    mini minisquel mod so people can connect
    & try it out to see what it would be like as
    a trial basis test.

    I am naming this mod stoneage and might add a few
    simplistic caveman type weapons & perhaps turn it
    inro a *very small* full mod as it seems quite a few
    connected this morning and where as hooked on the
    mini weapons as I was.

    basicly it will be a mod for the more patient type players
    who like to use small weapons & acuracy.

    thowing rocks at eachother is more fun then I thought it would be
    so maybe I can ask DeVice if he wants to add 1 more server for
    you all so we can have an *official* server for stoneage..

    But I dunno if he wants 2 servers running so I can only ask
    & keep my fingers crossed ;).

    added a baby torch so theres 2 weapons that dont do much damage
    too fast anyway and only fuel..

    I may add a rolling boulder as a single roller that inflicts 40
    health power taken each hit.

    and already underway making a spear to throw 🙂

    all I need now are some good sound effects & few
    simple low poly caveman people tanks & we are good
    to start knockin some teeth out 😀



    @direwolf wrote:

    Special exceptions should not be just for admins.

    Besides that’s not even true.
    Admin’s don’t need to sit and watch.
    There is a web interface.


    yes there is a web interface, but what are you gonna do from there?
    what would the purpose of that be? you cant see the game if your not in it,
    getting in and helping and playing with the new players is more important than not doing anything at all.

    Willis, being there and help (I mean more as spectaor) and to see is totaly different then to see the log and the admin tool in the web port.

    What u do in the server inside, in some cases, u can’t do u in the webinterface.

    The admins part in beginners could be change soon. It is on discussion.




    this discussion goes on since how long now????

    what do u try to do here apache???



    I wrote “it’s in discussion”…nothing decided

    It is a suggestion.



    Well ok, I will admit seeing text statements and seeing actual ingame action is drasticly different, but it still exists.

    I consider a lot of this being hypocritical. The current status is we got people who want protection for beginners and yet go there themselves to play. Or go there to teach but attract a dozen other skilled people to play.

    I like the idea of watering down the resources of an experienced player, aka the “pebble” technique.. but if you really want admins the ability to go in and teach then how about this..

    First find your unit of measurment. What if at 75 kills your mass destruction weapons are taken away (death heads, funkies, sandhogs , nukes .. and a few others im sure )..

    At 150 kills your put in the pebble mode. A lot more is taken away like shields, mirvs,baby nukes, large diggers, heavy rollers, etc.

    as a minimum.. resources provided should be enough to take down enemies with SOME efficiency.. aka have normal rollers for shields, batteries and parachutes for your basic survival.. etc

    At 250 kills your no longer accepted to PLAY in the beginner server, however theres a rare exception you can still sit and watch.

    Have a ‘reserved seating’ mode. People who fit the 250+ kill rule are automaticly assigned to the reserved seating.

    Reserved seats (maybe have 6..) are a fancy way to say you are locked in spectator mode. You cannot sit and play, but you can watch and you can talk.

    IF reserved seats are full for 250+ people then for them they see a ‘full server’ indication and cannot join.

    Admins can have special priviledges to take someone’s seat in event of teaching session or administrative duties. It is still possible to be abused, and therefor should not be taken for granted.

    How does that idea entise people?

    Its sort of alike a way to evolve a persons play:

    0-50: Acceptance to MAIN.
    0-75: Basic Gameplay, learning the controls, learning the winds, learning power.

    75-150: Fine tuning the aim, no longer relying on mass destruction and chance weapons to get the job done.

    150-250: Improving survival, required to shoot well and finish target quickly as defenses are restricted.

    250+: Mastered the beginner server, share knowldge or play at MAIN.



    Option #2 works for me.

    Altough, I voted option #4. I can’t resisit not seeing something blow up! 😯

    DW: Here’s an “I” for your campaign.

    Gee, I remember when this game was simple.



    zabić ich wszystkich



    I really didn’t want to enter this discussion, but here I am.

    I just wanted to say that I don’t believe that there is a “good solution” that will keep everyone happy.

    It seems to me that the way it is now is working fairly well, but with a handful of people who don’t like it. Frankly, I could care less what “solution” is decided upon, so long as it is not overly complicated.
    It may be that there’s a ton of newbs who don’t like getting pounded, but when was the last time any of us started playing a new game online and didn’t get pounded?

    Suck it up, princess. It’s a brutal world out there. 😉




    I think Shock’s idea is good.

    I just think that more research should be done into who can do damage in the beginner’s server and who can’t.

    I also think that things shouldn’t be so complicated as to how much damage a certain weapon should do as this will lead to some arguments. I think it should be kept simple and just not allow the weapons to do any damage at all. This would reduce any discrepancies.

    Other than that, I think it’s a fine idea.



    honeslty I could care less if gavin decides to use the pebble or not..

    I was simply trying to get this resolved & over with.

    I think that there are way too many wanna be chiefs..
    & not enough indians ❗

    So lets get this streight.. Gavin = Chief ..
    Anyone who is not named Gavin.. “admin” (or) not.. = Indian.
    so lets just let him decide as im sure it’s simple for him..

    Just so we are clear ..
    I too did’nt want anything changed & thought this was not a big issue
    but I see that it IS & apologised in my case of being wrong
    wich I was .. and now see a few STILL attacking apache..
    who is just *trying* to help the noobs 😕

    Simply put, we are all making this more complex then it needs to be
    so put yourself in a noobs pair of shoes & think about it..
    it’s simple.. would you play where you have no chances of
    making 2 shots? sometimes only 1 ?

    I have been hiding as a bot and not talking *just watching*
    and I have seen it too many times..

    the noobs play a couple rounds.. get totaly fed up as theres no chance
    for them.. and they leave… to ever return is anyones guess & you ALL
    just may have lost a good friendly regular new player.

    just add the pebble or take away all weapons for experienced players
    and im sure they would have more fun..

    though.. if we had atleast something to shoot at them im sure any noob
    would like any form of real players when there are only bots there..
    thats why I still stick with the pebble so its something to shoot & still
    gives them a bloody chance.



    Your idea looks great, shock.
    I think (hope) gavin will consider using it (at leas) and it is the best idea for this situation so far.

    As u see most of the player list does like it too.
    I think ppl are attacking other admin who being in beginners more then me. My goal (I last 2 monts or so) when I go there is try other pros to join the main with me. If I see nobody at main and noone pro in the beginners I play and trying to be most “gentle” I can 😀 and to help in what I can.
    I last 2 weeks or so I even rarly play but still tips ppl how to play better.
    I’m focusing more in spectatoring and help (also do admin works).
    I don’t much more in the beginners cause I know it will harnm in some kind of way to the newbs goal: to kill 50.

    I hope now we might have the solution for this situation.


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