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    Laptops Daddy

    interesting little known fact:
    relative to the earth, the moon doesn’t spin. we only ever see one side. (‘specially in france)

    the translation on the video ses “what rotates around the earth”.
    i could understand the confusion a bit if that was really how it was worded. i mean, the sun does spin i think. and you could argue that the moon doesn’t.

    kind of hard to misinterpret when the spellings so close to gravity though.
    that’s where the word gravity comes from isn’t it? french gravitê? (that’s what says anyway)



    All pairs of gravitationally bound bodies tend to “sync” like this. However, it takes billions of years to become as apparent as the case of the Moon’s sole face toward the Earth. In fact, most Moons in the solar system are sufficiently small compared to the planets they orbit that, over time, gravity has proven strong enough to lock the satellites’ rotations to match their orbital periods.

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