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    pastor of muppets

    Wow I just typed up a big post then we lost power so no internet and my laptop died so I lost the entire post. So I will not type as many details this time. Just so those of you who are not allowed gun ownership has an idea of what kind of guns I own and why here are a few pictures and videos.[attachment=1:3w4kf2ri]Taurus.png[/attachment:3w4kf2ri]
    Taurus “slim” 9mm this is my conceal carry gun that I carry with me when I feel the need. It is almost always in my car from time to time I carry it on my person when out.[attachment=0:3w4kf2ri]Collection.png[/attachment:3w4kf2ri]
    Here are the rest of my guns.

    Vaguard by Weatherby .30 .06 used for deer hunting owned 3 years.

    Remington model 94 30-30 used for deer hunting owned 17 years.

    Cricket .22 used for squirrel and targets owned 7 years.

    Marlin .22 used for squirrel, rabbits and targets owned 22 years.

    Daisy pump action BB/Pellet gun used for targets and training youth for future gun use.

    .410 single shot shotgun used for rabbit owned for 19 years.

    Highpoint 9mm carbine used for deer hunting by my children becuase of it’s light weight and limited recoil. If you don’t believe that gun is used for deer hunting because of it’s “assault” weapon look please watch my daughter miss one of the biggest bucks I’ve seen in this patch of timber.

    Finally the Jimenez J9 used for home defense kept in the dresser next to my bed.

    Mrs. PoM has a gun this is a cobra .380 she uses for target practice. I told her to put her ear protection on before making this video BTW.

    None of these guns have ever been used in a crime as a matter of fact not one of them has ever been pointed at a human being at all. They are all a great source of enjoyment for our family both through providing us meat and giving us something we love to do together like target shoot.

    My other 2 guns are both .22 Marlins like the one in the picture above but they are out on loan to my buddy for a father son squirrel hunt.



    @rommel wrote:

    To the Britts :

      @peanutsrevenge wrote:

        @random Northern monkey wrote:

        Nutters over here just throw food at you instead and shout ‘Scotland!’ loudly whilst pointing a can of 9% lager at you.

      Great piece of stupid humour.

      The post is valid though.

    In an earlier post to Acid :

      @rommel wrote:

        I’m not going to try and change your mind about guns
        but I do hope to help you see that things are a bit
        different here than there. However, you could see
        some dramatic changes in your communites soon.

    It seems that things have already changed and you blokes
    haven’t been paying enough attention to what is happening.–spt.html

    Most of the murders linked above are very recent.
    Several of the murders were committed with guns.
    The last two involve mothers killing their children.

    Best wishes,


    I fail to understand what you’re trying to get at? At least, what you might be trying to get across that you don’t think we already know.



    Hi PeanutsRevenge :

    I’m sorry that you’ve been under the weather.
    Hopefully, you will start feeling better soon.

    About your failure to understand my posts :

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    I fail to understand what you’re trying to get at?
    At least, what you might be trying to get across
    that you don’t think we already know.

    Perhaps reading the ones you don’t understand,
    more than once and a bit more slowly will help.
    If not, then my only other suggestion would be

    Hoping you get well soon,


    P.S. – This old post may be helpful.



      This just in …

    In responce to recent legislation aimed at curbing
    San Antonio Citizens’ ability to carry arms; gun
    owners staged an armed protest at the Alamo
    ( the home of Texas State independence and a
    symbol of American’s desire for freedom at any
    cost ) daring police to take their arms by force.

    Check it out :

    After they liberate Texas, what then cowboys ?

    Best wishes to all,


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