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    I was working on some kind of concept for new GUI for game, as it seriously needs to be changed comparing it to website. I did used texture from webpage, but that’s still a concept, and at least there should be somehow similar texture instead.

    Here are a few parts (background would be same as it is now):

    Settings of custom play, possible to save and load changes so that player doesn’t have to repeat everything. I didn’t added text in settings, but let’s say it can be done ,and additionally there should be scrollbar.

    Server list, it should show more details, and offer somewhere a lobby chat, just like on website, somehow connect it? All mod names could be name-friendly so that it’s easy to find out what kind of mod is it, and still see original name of it. You could just add one variable in every mod.

    Single Player mode, not sure what to add. Customize option would be like custom play, make your own settings etc., and probably save settings under difficulties part.

    The main screen, there shouldn’t be any those corner icons (help, sound, performance) at all because they just don’t fit. All of those things could be just on that sidebar.

    Player List, but it probably isn’t supposed to be on custom settings, it should be still shown after loading, but at least player should have quick load options like only one player, everything some AI type. Or… somehow pre-load tank models during settings.

    Map Previews, similar, but offers a bit more options like big preview of map, selecting random maps, deselect classic ones if they are listed etc. They could be just highlighted or ticked as an selection, though I didn’t show an example for that.

    Any chance that this could be done? If you want to get more players, you need to do something about GUI then. I’ll try to make a few more concepts. Don’t say that this can’t be done literally, but at least there should be done something similar. If some website like this one can be changed, why not change the look of game then (saying that to those who think that GUI should stay as it is)?



    Dunno bout anyone else.. but. Excelent!!

    Especially the serverlist, map select, and overall color-scheme.



    Looks good, this is next on the list so I appreciate all the ideas.



    Told yah Tom 😉 put it out there and they will look!

    I also enjoy the black theme, matches the website nicely. Would be cool if the buttons ignited abit, or glowed with cracks that showed embers when you hover over and click. Though I think thats more artsy than simple.

    (Carnivores sorta comes to mind when I think of a new scorched 3d GUI not sure why? Its the name probably, some sort of metal combined with neolithic rock and magma!)





    Thanks for compliments, you were right Armor! 😀

    That black theme could work properly only if there are textures for it, probably 8-9, as in corners and borders. Laptop should make those as he originally made texture.

    About buttons, not sure yet, but it would be nice, just depends how it would look. I just don’t know how I should make them for now…

    Now I should start working on combat part of GUI… But as it uses “widgets”, might be confusing.

    Here’s for Aim, Player and Weapon panels:

    I didn’t added icons for some things, I’ve just used first letter instead, but at least imagine it has icons. Fire “button” on weapons panel is actually type of weapon, not fire button, but I don’t know what kind of type it should be for now. Aim panel has few options, and actual fire button to make it useful at some point. Additionally, aim arrows shouldn’t change elevation and rotation at same time, as it’s not precise aiming then. Try to find video about iOS version of S3D and you’ll see what I meant about that part.

    Though… do we really need Aim panel? I never used it, and it isn’t that useful as far it looks… Maybe it shouldn’t be there at all, fire button could be available at weapon panel.

    I don’t know what to do with Plan View or Wind panels, they should fit into theme without any changes.

    More concepts soon then.

    EDIT: Stats panel:

    [A] should be like icons, not actual text.

    # – Current round rank, $ – Cash ( maybe offer in other values lol?), Score (L-K-A-W) – Score / Lives / Kills / Assists / Wins) [Alternative of this could be “S / L / K / A / W / $” for more space?], Rank – in brackets skill, ping – as usual, maybe include warning about lag issue.

    Spectators will load lastest played stats in case they want to return to game.

    The other way for everything would be make panel all-in-one, just like in Pocket Tanks if anyone played that. It would include weapons, fire, details, stats, etc. Should I try to make such concept or we’re staying on panels or make both options available?



    I like it!!

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