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    oh, cool… PC World…. I used to have a subscription with them. Good magazine.



    Thanks thrax, he contacted me later that day to get permission (which of course I gave).



    @thrax wrote:

    @gcamp wrote:

    @deathstryker wrote:

    Someone should make a Publicity section in the wiki and include all the publicity Scorched has gotten from websites and mags it has been included in.

    Yeah, I was thinking about that. I should perhaps try and dig out all of the permission emails that have been requested from me (permission to include game in magazine etc.).

    Found the perfect place to post this lil Chat in IRC resterday..

    [03 Apr 07 20:02] > Ron ( has joined
    [03 Apr 07 20:03] * Ron * Hullo. I’m writing a story about games for PC World, and I’m looking for someone who can give permission for PC World to offer Scorched for download.
    [03 Apr 07 20:04] * Thrax * Scorched3D is a Free opensource game, it’s shared publicly from the home-site and thru Source-Forge.
    [03 Apr 07 20:04] * Ron * Does that mean PC World can post it on its own site?
    [03 Apr 07 20:04] * Thrax * as long as the version you host matched the latest releases for whatever OS. (Many),
    [03 Apr 07 20:04] * Ron * That’s a deal. Are you the developer?
    [03 Apr 07 20:05] * Thrax * i am a side programmer, i make the Mods for the game. not the game itself.
    [03 Apr 07 20:05] * Thrax * i am part of the development team mostly for testing and finding bugs
    [03 Apr 07 20:05] * Ron * I know my editor will ask. Who is the developer and do you have an email adress?
    [03 Apr 07 20:06] * Thrax * if you got here from the Forum’s Java Chat, the data is all there. The Game’s Developer is Gavin Camp, and his links are all on the forums
    [03 Apr 07 20:07] * Ron * Uh, I’m not too sure how I got here. I think I came from the home page. But I’ll take a look at the forum for the information I need. Thanks, Thrax. Nice game. Ron White
    [03 Apr 07 20:08] * Thrax * try it out some day.
    [03 Apr 07 20:09] * Ron * Oh, I spend most of the day play it. Reminds me of an early Worms game but much more room for development. Must go. Deadline’s beakoning. bye and thanks again.
    [03 Apr 07 20:09] < Ron ( has disconnected (Quit: PJIRC forever!)

    apparently we’ve made it onto PC-Worlds radar too, a long-standing PC enthusiests magazine!

    Anyone got any more info on this? Will it be on the site or the mag? If on the mag, I want to buy the issue.



    This is all I know :-

    Hello Gavin….

    I’m writing a story on games for PC World, and the magazine would like permission to post Scorched 3D on its web site for download. Is that all right?

    I like the game, btw. It’s simple, but has endless posibilities.

    ron white.



    @gcamp wrote:

    This is all I know :-

    On that subject anyway :p



    I found it. 😉

    For some odd reason if you do a search for it on the site, it doesn’t come up so this time I used google to find it.



    Only thing i dont like about the review:
    “License Type: Free
    Price: Free
    Date Added: Apr 2007
    Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP
    File Size: 41550KB
    Author: Gavin Camp”

    Hmmm any one see anything wrong with this ^^^^^^^^^^



    Only that the operating systems listed are severely limited.



    I thought it was made by Some Guy?



    Darn EBO and DS are right what is the world coming to… 😆 😆



    Not to derail this……but…..


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