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    The CPU’s an i5 2300 by the looks of things.
    Really should have shopped around better, for another £30 ($45?) you could have gotten an unlocked i5 which could be clocked to 4-5GHz rather than the 2.8GHZ you’re stuck at.

    Dunno how much you paid but a quick spec myself ends up with:

    Case: Antec 300 £60
    Quick 640GB WD HDD $65
    Nvidia GTX 460 (much quicker than 450) $155
    Antec 430W PSU $44
    8GB RAM (plenty) $60
    Gigabyte Z68 mobo (ready for SSD caching (very cool feature)) $105
    Core i5 2500K (overclockable CPU) $220


    And that’s just a quick look through a site I rarely use, should be a little more than you paid, but would give SOOO much more performance and last you a good 2 years longer.

    P.S I love speccing computers, this was a good excuse 😀


    Laptops Daddy

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    ..should be a little more than you paid…

    peanut, youre being an ass : ). dont forget to add a couple of hundred build cost and about $140 for windows.

    take no notice, dbal. sounds awesome. a custom build by someone who knows what theyre doing could easily be $1,500 to match that spec if it came with tech support and all the trimmings.

    it’s nice to go with 512GB platters for hard drives. 640 would be two 320s.



    He could build it himself and use his windows license from old machine.

    Self build is always better and cheaper, as highlighted by the fact he’s already bought another psu and gfx card (assume he fitted himself, therefore not as inept as you’ve pegged him as being ‘ass’).

    My post was less about rubbing dbs nose in it and more about helping others reading this thread who will be looking for new pcs soon.

    P.S you’re just jelous I got first post on page 2!


    Laptops Daddy

    im looking out for an atom eeepad or similar. any news/help on that? i want a cheap pad with some flexiblity – maybe for windows but with linux as an option.



    DB you got a very good configuration now I+nvidia. Processor is good and your vcard is also very good – very fast, but not too much powerful (i mean hot). It stay just at the edge where models become unnecessary hot.



    Actually it is an i5 DX4850. Not a 2300.

    Also keep in mind the vid card was on sale for about 65 bucks.

    All in all for stuff that is not top of the line i have had no slow downs since adding the card. If anyone plays Supreme commander or call of duty, they run as smooth as silk.



    The ‘DX4850’ refers to the pc make/model number, the 2300 refers to the i5 cpu model number. So what you have is most probably a DX4850 pc model with a i5 2300 cpu in it. An i5 2300 is a good enough cpu and coupled with the GeForce 450 card u have, it makes a good setup…definitely will give you satisfactory frame rates for the games you mentioned.

    Try pushing it a little bit if you want/can…increase the AA multiplier or set it to the ‘best graphics’ preset mode. If it stutters or hangs up the pc, then leave it in the last setting before the setting that caused the crash. I usually work my up the scales, but I push the speed of the memory and gpu clocks instead of using the preset modes.

    Or you can just leave it as it it runs fine enough already 🙂

    Have fun with the new rig DB.



    Aah yes, the processor is a 2300.

    The only thing I did not do is attempt to up the AA. From past experience It has always slowed things down. But eventually I get around to it. 🙂

    Keep in mind this pc was only a little over 500 bucks not including tax.



    It does appear the Nvidia 400 and 500 series has an occasional error code 8 problem. And I am getting it occasionally on S3D. The screen goes blank and gives me an error code 8 message.

    Searching the net I see a lot of people are having the same problem. But I have seen no fix for it yet. Yes I have the most current driver.



    Hi DB,

    yeah, doesn’t seem to be any fix or patch for the error code 8 yet.

    So try rolling back the drivers to the previous version. Sometimes the new drivers are faulty.


    Uninstall all nvidia drivers, clean up registry, then reinstall latest drivers.


    try disable all GL related settings in the S3D settings.

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