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    Had this a few times now..

    This could be a useful feature to have though, its especially advantagous in caves allowing you to view the battlefield alot more clearly.

    The effect is just like in quake, cant remember what the command was, but allowed you to walk through walls….

    BTW, I added the poll mostly just because I havn’t made one for a while and had withdrawal symptoms.



    Good news! It already is a permanent feature, which is why you’re seeing it. It’s enabled by hitting a key on the keyboard, don’t remember which one by default.



    just had a flick through, looks like its backslash (camera no restrict)

    RESULT, thnx Para…

    Another nice feature to play with

    Only found out about shift and cntrl for VERY precise adjustment 2 days ago, which has helped imensly (thnx BB for that).

    Gotta love this game, just when it starts to get a lil samey, something new crops up.. WOOT WOOT



    The right Alt key.

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