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    Apollo Tangent

    I have Grapes.

    Apache needs “Grapes” yet I only have 2 of them and I don’t care to give any up!

    He’s obviously “censor” (crazy). Inciting debates then locking out answers.

    I can post Death Camps in Poland again to get your animosity towards hippo started again.

    Let the debate run it’s full course!




    AT I lock that topic cause I gues u didn’t see my post on “general” forum.
    (I do appriciat your replies and the map).
    Let all real-life conflict out of this gameforum.
    Its a game-forum not historic forum.

    The ww2 is irellevet to the site.


    Apollo Tangent

    Then I would suggest that you let anyone play with the nickname soupnazi and not be “offended”.

    I’m going back to S.S. Death Skull.

    Enjoy the flagrant use of it. (GAMER).

    Star of “David” bring it on.



    Haha! I laugh at your grapes! I have oranges!

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