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    Here is the latest from the UN

    “Climate change not imminent danger, UN panel chief says”

    “There is no clear evidence that global warming is an imminent danger to the world, says Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

    with the link posting

    and then their site



    Good to know that we wont all die tomorrow,but what do you think it means?

    We dont have to worry about it, we should follow his advice or something else?



    they are just deciding that now we have been saying for years it not going to be tomorrow but 50 years from tomorrow that global warming unchecked will kick us in the balls.



    They are just deciding that now we have been saying for years it not going to be tomorrow but 50 years from tomorrow that global warming unchecked will kick us in the balls.

    Who deciding what? That global climate change(its not that the warming is the main effect) wont cause big problems tomorrow has been clear for decades but awareness and understanding of the consequences has been suppressed for as long as the first scientists started to suspect there was something going on.

    Understandible as it is impossible to predict what the effects will be ,politics doesnt really look that far into the future and has to be able to either scare or convince the public(same thing maybe?)
    There has been progress tough and more politicians are getting aware that action is needed or we may mess things up in ways worse than we messed up before.

    Thats globally how i look at the situation, i dont expect others to agree with me but if you have another explanation that doesnt include extreme ideology or ad hominem attacks i would like to be informed.

    If anyone feels insulted by my inconvenient truth(hows that for a pun) and like to start a war i suggest you take it somewhere else im not interested in anything but reasonable discussion, war is for the game not the forums or real life.



    was the stock market running so low they had to say that?



    by they I meant the UN. and no I have no extreme ideology about it. What information I have learned over the years has lead me to believe thus: The world is getting warmer. The earth Goes through a Warming and Cooling phase every few decades. We are currently in the Warming cycle. 80-95% of current global warming is because of this. The % that is not is by us and it has imbalanced the equation. We need to work at getting our emissions down to naturally manageable levels.

    and I believe you miss understood my anger. it was at the politicians for putting it off so long when people 3x their iq with multiple research studies backing those people saying yes we are making the world too hot.



    Getting our emissions down is pointless and would doom us…Even as we speak, phytoplankton population in the oceans is increasing, and it will start sucking up CO2 from the atmosphere. When the CO2 levels have normalized, there is a high chance of extra phytoplankton still existing, so the CO2 will keep going down…

    I want to see the Earth get significantly warmer, and if possible, the erasing of ‘winter’ from the season cycle before I die.
    That would be approx 80 years to increase Earth temp by at least 14*C. Maybe H2O vapor would do a better job than methane or CO2.
    Not taking into account that I might die earlier of non-natural causes

    Plus, why do people even focus on GW…There are real PROBLEMS out there, such as:
    Gamma ray bursts (gotta find a way to protect us from that)
    Ozone Depletion (stop spraying yourself with deodorant)
    Smog (listen to Hitler and quit smoking; and use hydrogen powered cars, which will produce H2O vapor for GW)
    ViralBacterial mutation and resistance to drugs (start trying to get sick to boost immune system; full infections work better than vaccines)

    Global warming is a good thing- people should stop resisting change like a bunch of 4-year olds and start embracing it…
    GW ended Snowball Earth (Ice age where every inch of Earth was ice) and it can prevent it. So start releasing those greenhouse gases, ’cause they are our only hope for survival.

    [-o< May the change be with us all!



    I know its almost impossible to get a sound concept on what is going on with all the propaganda thats going on on both sides, to say that global climate change is a good thing is taking it to one extreme , to say that we are all doomed is another one.

    I wont get into a discussion about what will happen as it is not fully understood but what i will do is point out the misconceptions and wrong conclusions.

    Getting our emissions down wont doom us, it might slow down economic growth a little at most.Thats what the moderate view is amongst economists anyway.

    Phytoplankton will aborb more carbon at higher concentrations, but it wont take it out of the system untill it gets buried as sediment wich would take thousends of years to stabilise.In that time there will be serious effects like ocean acidification, some of wich we see happening as we speak.

    The winter wont disappear unfortunatly, altough average global temperatures may go up it doesnt mean that local temperatures will.Expectations are that the weather will become more variable.

    Altough there are many other problems that should be addressed that doesnt make this one go away, no matter how much disinformation there is generated.Its like smoking sigarettes, no matter how many scientists and doctors are bought to say it isnt harmfull, it still reduces your expected remaining life.If you look into the organisations that are spreading this disinformation you may find out that they are pretty much the same thing.Its not about informing the public its about spreading doubt.

    If you want to find out whats really going on the best chance is to look at what the reasonable people are saying not the ones on the fringes.

    If any one is willing to hear a reasonable explanation have a look at this.sounds pretty reasonable to me without the bullshit.

    So be responsible and inform yourself if you know whats good for you, is that reasonable at all?

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