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    Now that this series is coming to an end. It made me wonda….
    Anybody remembers that Gold Jacket Scene from Happy Gilmore….ok here it goes…behind the scenes…..Scorch Style….



    I believe that belongs to Mr. Vihor!



    *dusts off Gold jacket in anticipation of hazing ceremony*

    ahem (clears throat)….Fellow Gold Jacket Members……lend me your ears….
    As we await the end of another great series. Many DeathHeads and Funkies were thrown and missed but never in vain.

    New members will be arriving shortly into this fine Elite club of Bastages! Preparations must be made…I encourage all you to find your best hazing materials so that we may welcome our newest members when they arrive.

    & although it brings a tear to my eye right now…sniffs…. to have this 3 foot stinky rainbow trout on the shoulder of my Gold Jacket……the amount of trout-slapping I’m gonna get in on them will be…. so sweet-a-sound!

    OK Here is Your Orders Men:

    • CBX – get 3 kegs of beer….drink the beer then fill them back up with spoiled prune-juice
    • Bear – Make your finest recipe of pickled-herring. After the final 2 to 3 days of refrigeration. Take it outside to the outhouse and leave there for an additional 2-3 days at room temp.
    • Ebo – for God’s sake man put some pants on! I know the Gold Jacket looks good on you but sheesh….wearing nothing but a pink G-String and a Gold Jacket is just so wrong…at least go get us some cheap Ripple or sometin’
    • Jack – don’t forget to bring Mr. Daniels along
    • Steve – Bring some of your finest ho’s for blackmail pictures
    • JiNx – take that silly clown face off……doh!!! bad dawg..put it back on.

    The rest of yuts….use your imaginations….

    Godspeed Gentlemen….& see ya at the party!

    Right now it looks like there are Three Scorchers trying to fight for Gold Jacket Membership.

    C’mon Irish…you got two bogeys on your tail!!! Get to steppin’ lad. I’m rooting for ya!!
    The coveted Gold Jacket has eluded Mr. Irish five previous times.

    Current Gold Jacket Members (41):


    Greener Pastures:



    @np-theoutlaw wrote:

    Steve – Bring some of your finest ho’s for blackmail pictures

    Sorry, man. My mom’s busy that weekend. Although, my Grandma can still make it as long as she gets your number.



    @nomoresteve wrote:

    @np-theoutlaw wrote:

    Steve – Bring some of your finest ho’s for blackmail pictures

    Sorry, man. My mom’s busy that weekend. Although, my Grandma can still make it as long as she gets your number.


    What a coincidence… I’m busy that weekend too. >.> <.<



    I am trying!!!! 😈 😈

    /edit 30 minutes later
    At least i would be if some one would join the game.. 🙁



    LMAO 🙄 😉 😡 😯 😀 😈 💡 ❗



    :-k ❓



    @nomoresteve wrote:

    Sorry, man. My mom’s busy that weekend. Although, my Grandma can still make it as long as she gets your number.

    I like it!…..Now that’s the kind of outside-the-box ideas we are looking for…

    Tell your grams here is my toll free number (800) FROGS-4-U



    Congratulations to Outer, Vitos, and Noob Bandit for becoming the newest members of the Gold Jacket Club.

    *shakes bottle of cheap champagne and soaks them in da face*


    Here you go gentlemen…here are your Gold Jackets. Wear them Proudly!

    Next…Lines them up like the 3 stooges and trout-slaps all three with one single swoop. :badgrin:

    NP…..wait….let me get that “N” out the way…..



    wow a gold jacket im chuffed txs
    but yuor taking the mickey now getting me a normal size i needed xxl the arms have snapped off
    oo well ill have to make up for it on the battlefield 😆



    Okay, I finally finished emptying the kegs.

    Uh oh, I just reread the instructions, I fear that I may have refilled them with the wrong fluid.



    Man, I wish I had an outhouse. I want my bathroom back dammit!!! Soon the neighbours gonna call 911 and report that someone died on my storey.



    man jinxy, you make me work for it in the battlefield and you make me work for it in the forums too.. LOL….everytime you talk, I gotta throw dem fancy British words into my translator:

    BRITISH – – – – > AMERICAN dictionary

    I tell ya what though, I know you’re quite the rebel……so I think you ripping out the sleeves from your Gold Jacket will make u look quite hip. As a result, CBX and NMS have PM’d me saying they want their Jacket in the T-Shirt Form

    hahahaha!! CB…I said prune-juice… not your yellow-man-juice.

    LOL Bear..I always just pictured you roaming in the woods & streams looking for salmon. I guess its not so bad being a domesticated Bear. But after looking at your avatar, I cant seem to get this mental picture outta my head:

    BigBear walking around his apartment…. all naked….scratching his privates & scavenging the fridge for some beer & canned sardines

    next time u see me…just hit me a with MIRV so I can lose that part of the brain.



    😳 and speechless

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