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    Are there any specific tips for aiming that go beyond the line of sight and guess and correct methods?

    What I’d really like is a guide that will help me get my skill to where I can get my first shots within spitting distance no matter what the wind, distance, elevation difference, and terrain are between me and my target.

    I’ve seen players who can do these kind of shots across the map in 5 wind, and who kill first shot everytime with baby missles in 2 or less wind.

    It’s gotten to where I won’t even play 2 player scavenger with certain players because it’s too frustrating to be at all fun.



    Have u read this?:

    There are some players that counts squers (on no wind). I don’t use it. U cvan ask players who use it for tip on that one.
    U need practice, mostly..and the “a” key..
    I just practiced alot (during on-line games and off-line games). Also, I watched and learnt. In addintion, save your money on the first rounds. Buy small wepons and not the whole pack of it, so in the future round of the game u will have enough for big ammo and defense. my signature down this.


    I noticed, that before any clearing, some1 esle already edited this and took it totaly the wrong way.



    It helped me 😀



    Hear that CBX. Your mod need force 5 winds.

    But seriously himog, we like call these players “Square Counters”. The idea behind just counting squares is the higher elevation you shoot the more precise your shot when it comes down. If you want more on this I am not the guy to talk to.

    Counting squares is not cheating. Do it well, you’ll get all the accolades. But is that worth selling your soul.

    BTW…..Square counters are not liked by all.


    Brain Damage

    ehmm apache? are you sure what are you talking about? ❓
    i don’t use the grid at all, so asking me about how to use is totally useless…
    same thing for mandy as far as i know,she never used it; i don’t know about irish.
    Please before writing be sure what you’re talking about…

    so please edit your post and delete the part about me, i’d get a bit upset if someone would ask me about using the grid because of that post.



    i would just like to say that a few of these ppl that u mentioned have never used the square counting and they never would
    they love the game and would never do that



    also how the heck would someone be able to talk so much and count it would never be possible



    not even for mandy



    sorry..I thought u guys count sqares..due to what I see..and sorry.
    Was only trying to direct him to ppl that have tecnics that can help him.
    I asumed wrong about the sqares. sorry.
    Gonna edit the first post.



    i still want a apology.

    apache, you know me well enough to know that i dont count squares!

    NEVER did NEVER will!!!




    pache wrote:

    Sorry, I realy did think u do, and so all the others on the list I wrote.
    Gonna fix it.
    U r wrong again. It was nothing againts the high arcers players. I just mentioned names that I saw doing it and,,thought..yes thought wrong that u all count squares.
    *goes to fix it*

    mandy says:

    apology accepted ….

    and next time ask before assuming…



    As far as I know from hearsay and asking ppl straight out a common practice among ‘square counters’ is to write down tables of ‘power/angle/distance in squares’ which are later used for reference (I know at least one player that did this for a while). How is that not cheating? Feel free to disagree but if that isn’t an unfair advantage I don’t know what is.

    I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
    -Why not eliminate the grid from the game alltogether?
    Other than gut feeling there is no way to prove who uses tables or not. I would not wish to see scores of players using these kinds of help systems to reach uber skills (allthough the use of the word skill in this context is debatable in my opinion). It would be a sad day for this game if +40 percent kill rates would become common practice.



    I Like the idea of taking out the grid 🙂 would give me an edge of the “those guys” 😛

    probly gavin would not take out somethning that people seem to like and use though.


    Brain Damage

    NO apache, YOU are wrong i saw you post the time was editied, the line about the “reference” for grid players was gone and at the bottom was written (not exact words):
    “editied by mandy on 10/9, how can you assume those things to people without even asking??, i never used the grid, now i want a public apology”

    as everybody can see the text is completely attinent an took perfectly the meaning, also the person who edited was totally evident, not “someone”
    there was no more need to edit your own post since the line was already removed as you already noticed for sure, so why editing again and writing
    “I noticed, that before any clearing, some1 esle already edited this and took it totaly the wrong way.” that’s a pure simple LIE.

    now you’re free to edit again this thread, just FYI i took a copy of the whole story this time so i will simply keep posting it.



    @boy wrote:

    I Like the idea of taking out the grid 🙂 would give me an edge of the “those guys” 😛

    probly gavin would not take out somethning that people seem to like and use though.

    I must have been talking to the wrong people then. Most of the people I’ve talked to denounce the grid and wouldn’t poke it with a 10 feet stick. Was the issue ever brought to Gavin? Was it even discussed publically at all? Just wondering.

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