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    or perhaps… firing dirt when allready underground could hurt tank ?


    i think that dirt should damage only the thrower, so a player will think twice before dirting himself 😈 , and if he keep dirting he’ll kill himself; 😆

    how about new tags like:

    and maybe also




    @gcamp wrote:

    How about I make it that if you are underground the dirt does not keep pilling up. Or perhaps that you cannot fire dirt while underground.

    I think that would be great, 😀
    that way dirt is still a factor in the game, but cannot be perverted!



    Not sure I like the idea, lets say a guy gets hit by some dirt and He knows he cant shoot out, then he decides to reverse stratagy to survive the next hit, he shoots a ton of dirt on himself.

    anyway whatever idea is used here, it should be an optional attribute I think.

    of course the quick fix is base the wins on kills or cash 😉

    *ah fooey, i broke my record* 🙄



    @gcamp wrote:

    How about I make it that if you are underground the dirt does not keep pilling up. Or perhaps that you cannot fire dirt while underground.

    This may be the most obvious solution. It allows players to hide under dirt as much as they like, but not hide under an ever-growing mountain of dirt.

    And then this will force players to buy the right amount of dirt — regular or large — since they’ll only have one dirt pile to hide under at a time.



    Bury And Kill anyone? 😈



    I don’t really have a problem with dirt as a strategic weapon as such. The problem with dirt is that practically the only time you see it in use is when someone for one reason or another buries themselves over and over simply to annoy other players.

    I like gavin’s idea, since it actually adresses the problem with players who are just trying to mess the game up by repetedly using dirt defensively. I would like to see a cost increase as well though. The reason for this is that I think the crippling power if used as an offensive weapon is so great. Most other weapons and defensive gadgets effect your own chances to eliminate an opponent or to survive their attacks. Offensively used dirt effect your opponent’s chances to effectively retaliate. IMHO there is a significant difference between these to categories and that the low price tag for such a powerful weapon might need to be reconsidered.



    my “weapon” against dirtballs is, i just wait 45 second for each shot.

    i just played a game with sgt, opus, apache, jock and ash. they got mad. but i believe thats how i can get back on ’em. they hate waiting, want to get back in game, well i have time and i wait.

    i believe this is best weapon against ’em. they do think twice again using it.



    U forgot that not only the dirters hate waiting ALMOST EVERYBODY here hates waiting. Lets say u do it, and then all players leave cause of your waits ??
    Will u still like it?

    (Remember when AT used that waits tactic and EVERYONE were mad?




    I was the one who dirted Mandy. In defense of myself, I was using it as a tactile weapon. I had foolishly spent too much money early, had poor weapons, and was trying to survive and get some kills to get back in the game. Dirt was one thing I could afford, so I bought 2 tons. During the round, Sgt. Rock and Mandy (and Ash too I think) were shooting at me, and I had little defence. So I threw a ton on Mandy to protect myself from further attack.
    As you can read, she didn’t take this so well. Pouted, delayed the game, and then left, after forcing Apache to leave in anger.
    I am not known as a dirter, I don’t use it very often at all, and was a little pissed off at her for treating me like one. But I got over it in about 3 minutes, and I hope others do to.

    Nuff said.



    Y did u say at first that it wasn’t u ? It didn’t made it better.

    Just (not angry) to let u know, usauly ppl who dirted will be funk or get heavy fire for more then one round, after they dirted.




    I was joking around, didn’t realize that mandy was angry or serious. When it became apparent that she took is seriously, I confessed.



    @zilla wrote:

    I was the one who dirted Mandy. In defense of myself, I was using it as a tactile weapon.

    Ummm… I do so hope you mean a tactical operation (an operation with short term goals) as opposed to a tactile operation (an operation involving feeling people up).

    Rather amusing typo.



    well, opus, you know about “truces” right? even that i said no a round i believe ahead of time, u could have asked. iam pretty sure i would have said yes. if not, oh well….

    hm, i really disliked you saying you didnt do it. i left to talk to whh at beginners if he did it… i had to find out the truth.

    alright, apache, in the beginning of post, u r saying, people leaving, when you are using dirt. hm, now i get blamed for staying and delaying?? ok, blame me.

    i were in games before not too long ago, where players used dirt (i told u opus, it dont matter if it was u or not! things didnt change it). Nobody of other players even shot at him, nor attempted to kill him first. THIS IS NOT TRUE, that WE shoot DIRTERS FIRST!!!!! I wish it would be, i would considering, thinking about it again.

    i used the delaying before, i am wondering, why this comes up now. i always have been doing it!!

    heck, maybe, i should become a dirter myself!?!
    everyone has the right to change tactics and to try out different stuff, right?
    why not me?

    nah, i tried dirt out before with AT. it aint fun. it just aint fun.
    never understood players dirting themselves. Aint that boring guys?

    but who knows what time will bring.




    I don’t like that ppl dirting them self mandy, but its getting worst if u waits 45 each time and shoot. I did say I will leave a game if some1 uses dirt on himself for few rounds in arrow (thats only MY opinion). If some1 get dirted by some1 else and then waits 45 each time and delaying the game deliveredly it even more anoying.


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