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    To all the “dirters”: go a head dirt your self to get wins . Go ahead buy dirts its realy cheap. Go a head dirt yourself again and again..its cheap and after u get a win (and more wins) u get more money which means…yep, more dirts.
    Go ahead. Do it U r allawed to do it. BUT don’t be surprise (spelling?) to SEE PEOPLE LEAVING the game because of that. . Also don’t be surprise that u will be left alone eventualy…

    It makes game SO DAMN UNFUN.




    yeah apache, tell em ❗ ❗ ❗

    who knows me, knows i hate dirtballs 👿 😈

    they make me mad ❗ ❗ 👿 👿 😈 😈

    it aint no fun, for you or me, excuse me, i have a point to proof 8)



    To Mandy & Apache

    I think dirt is a powerfull tactic weapon.
    I think – playyer must have strategy to broken dirt-strategy.

    Noone, who play with me, can save youself by dirt.
    Many players try.

    But… I think, dirt-price to small FOR that powerfull tactic weapon.
    Becose i have super dirt-strategy 👿
    And Mandy see that startegy once or twice. 😈

    Or Dirt must have a damage. Or damage only on player who shoot dirt



    yes, I agree with Demi, that dirt should be more expensive – just a little.

    But, any player who uses dirt to try to hide themselves will lose to me.

    I make my goal to kill them for sure, but its all fair in war.

    in my new mod there will not be “ton of dirt”, but there will be some damage from dirt too. 🙂



    Get a grip here people,

    People have been using dirt weapons as a poor mans shield for a long time now. And they will keep on doing it.

    People who don’t find it fun will not play with those people

    You could make dirt more expensive, make dirt removal weapons more effective

    You could increase the damage on lasers to help them kill players through there protective dirt layer.

    But it is a valid tactic, don’t like it don’t play it, and don’t play with those using it.

    Put to demand, demean and insult those using it that is childish,

    There are players banned and unbanned that have resorted to these actions. Make a suggestion or an improvement to the proper forum, and if ya don’t like people using these tactics don’t play with them. More then once I have survived a late game deaths head and funky fest by using a dirt shield, but to do it every round ?

    An empty server is a good hint



    There is a lot of counter measures against people that dirt themselves.
    Napalm. Sandhogs. Funkys.

    I really like how a single well placed napalm can kill a selfburied tank without even digging him out – usually piss em off enuf so that they not attempt it again 🙂

    Tis just a part of the game, you have to take it into account when planning your weapon shopping.



    the veteran method is to throw dirt a short range from your tank to intercept the incoming missile. I have done this a few times, but my overall policy is this:

    “Always attack, even when you retreat….ATTACK!”

    so why dont more people throw dirt on the enemy?
    THis is a great way to get the guy with a shield 😀



    I already did left a game already, when some1 started to dirt himself.
    It is too unfun for me.
    Anybody do what evr they think is right for them self. I know that I will leave again if some1 will do it for few rounds in a row.




    @apache64d wrote:

    I will leave again if some1 will do it for few rounds in a row.

    😡 😡 😡

    Don’t leave! Dont let them win!


    But make them cry first though.


    But really, if you dont teach them a good lessen while you have the chance, they will do it again and again!! The dirt throwers must NOT win!


    should I buy more stock in dirt, or sell?





    *goes to buy more dirt — buys stock in diggers*



    make a pact between players, Kill the dirthole like Boy said, only get the other players to agree to finish him first also, I will make it a point for now on to do this, anyone who disagree’s with this, make your comments known here,
    or if you agree, say so, it is a pain when people pull that crap, I have seen many start a round by dirting themselves, I have also quit before because of this.
    another suggestion would be to limit dirt, make a cap on how much a player can carry, for instance: 3 for small, 2 for medium, and 1 for big.
    dirt was a part of the original scorched earth and should remain because of that fact, I just feel that there are other ways than removing dirt from the game, or leaving because the game is no longer fun when in this situation.



    There’s nothing wrong with using dirt. It’s cheaper than a shield and it can be used to block incoming weapons. But some players have overused this weapon and built a mountain stretching above the clouds. I consider this unsportsmanlike and not the authors original intent of the weapon.

    One solution would be to cut the amount of dirt by 50%.



    Dirt is no more frustrating than shields i dont do it but if you use shields all the time i dont really see the difference.



    @irishbandit wrote:

    Dirt is no more frustrating than shields i dont do it but if you use shields all the time i dont really see the difference.

    The difference for one would be price, two:you can fire from a shield, three: a shield does not grow and grow, I have used dirt as a weapon and as a defence, especially on Apoc.
    lets say your in a game with 2 other players, you kill 1 the second round, the other guy has been dirting already for 2 rounds, if you dont have the weapons to kill that big ass pile of dirt, you end up for the next 10 rounds shooting at dirt, boy, I know I am looking forward to the next round, maybe…. we all should dirt ourselves every round, no killing just dirt, put on some hippie beads and meditate! change the name of the game to just “EARTH” the higher your pile of dirt gets, the closer to God you get, and you can score virtual enlightenment points, for making peace and not killing, and not blowin shit up, makes ya just want to put a flower in your hair huh?

    sorry for the sarcasm 😆 but it is all in how you use it, I still think a limit on the amount of dirt you can carry would solve this problem 😉



    If underground weapons (digger / sandhog) were good at targeting underground enemies… (Thats how I actually would always picture those weapons, pend greatly for target above ground, but underground thier freakishly accurate)… that would be an easy solution



    How about I make it that if you are underground the dirt does not keep pilling up. Or perhaps that you cannot fire dirt while underground.

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