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    Apollo Tangent

    I’ll let it be known now that since mokelok has been banned again that one of His favorite tactics was “Glooping”

    “Glooping” is : “Throwing big dirt on yourself”. (The “poor Man’s shield”).

    It’s named glooping because the gloop sound that is made when the dirt you throw lands.

    When Moke multi-logs He / She gloops…

    The metodology behind it is; if you want to kill moke, you’ll exhaust your weapons supply on the “Glooper” and moke can pick everyone else off in a “casual” way.

    I >wink< :wink: a lot. For a reason, admins should take notice of “Glooping”. So when Mokajoke comes back, I won’t have all the weight on my shoulders to “bitch slap” Him/Her down. When you see people with “Americanised names” like Joe, Tom, Peter, David, Frank, John, Sam, Tim, Edward… take a file log of IP’s. There was an internet cafe thread that I posted a long time ago about “those”. It fell on “deaf ears”.
    When or if this game goes retail, I’ll share more input.

    But for now all the admins and players should consider themselves; (Beta Testers).

    I know you’ll call me a Bastard for pointing it out, I’d pay 40 Dollars for this game because I’m addicted to it.




    hehe, I might pay 40$


    j/k 😛

    btw, nice animation there AT, I like. 😉

    about glooping, i much prefer to shoot an unexpected gloop bomb on my enemy and then pummel him with whatever creative weapon i like at the momemnt.

    regarding a self glooper, just funky bomb them, funky bombs are the ultimate dirt clearing bubble busting all purpose smart bomb.



    I believe dirt should do a random amount of damage to any player submerged in it, taken off again with each passing move until they’re either dead or they escape.

    I’ve said this before, a while ago, but now seems like a good time to re-mention it. 😮


    Apollo Tangent

    Yup, a gloop pile should have a smothering effect, if it did, people would be forced to buy non – glooping weapons just so they can breathe.




    even if the damage was a single hit damage, that would be fine too. seems reasonable for there to be at least a little damage by getting hit by what appears to be actually many tons of dirt.



    Somehow I seem to Recall another player that uses the “glooping” Tactic…. Maybe thats where he learned it. 😆


    Apollo Tangent

    Oh yeah I’ve used glooping and I used it last night playing BigBear, to give Him an idea about the “glooping methodology”.

    But Moke, used to use extra log ins specifically to gloop, then snipe. 😆

    I made no noise about it at the time. (For reasons of which you can probably determine on your own).

    Brings to mind, the question as to whether you should be able to shoot and use fuel in the same turn… (?) Imagine how deadly you could be to gloop + run, Gloop + run, gloop gloop and then kill everyone with HSH’s…

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 😈




    If anything I think the ‘gloopers’ are overpowered as they are. It’s much harder to dig out than it is to cover someone under a pile of dirt. And when you finally do, there are usually severe limitations to which vertical angle you can use in most directions. To get good clearance you often need two shots when covered (at least I do,which might lead to an argumentation about my skill I know 😉 ). In two moves, you are either dead or covered even deeper 😥 . I don’t mind getting outshot or outwitted (ppl running from my funkies) but being totally incapacitated is annoying at best.

    People ‘glooping’ themselves are IMHO very effectively destroying those games. There is no point whatsoever (unless you are using the before mentioned tactic or are hoping for a really lame round win). Note: No reflection on you AT for making a point during our game 🙂 .


    Apollo Tangent

    Yup BB. glooping is annoying. The work around is to find the proper methodology to defeat it.

    Normally people would gloop at around the 8th round, the bank changed and it’s been a cheap exploit earlier in the game.




    I’ve been known to dirt myself from time to time. It sometimes works as a delaying tactic – because it takes a couple of rounds to dig thru the dirt.



    Glooping countermeasures:

    – Sandhogs

    – Lasers

    – Funky Bombs

    – M2 machine guns

    – More sandhogs

    – Landscapers

    Those seem to be effective gloop countermeasures, and it’s not like they don’t have their uses when people aren’t glooping.

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