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    Apollo Tangent

    Willis… has no balls. He’ll say He’s tired and go to “bed”

    Apache… has no balls. He wil kick and kick if you insult HIM ‘directly’. OH MY! What balls that takes! Again, again, again.

    Multiple logs go on.

    There is a flaw in the chat mode (XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX).

    People can still dual and multiple log in. (?)

    Not worth the trouble, not worth the time.

    When the admins’ close their eyes to any BULLSHIT.

    Only to enforce it on people when their “cronies” are logged on.

    F Scorched, F admins, F “stale music videos set to Scorched”, F the “have to be logged in on a dedicated IP address to stop 90 % of it.

    F you!

    F me!

    I’m tired of it.

    Plenty of other player are too.

    No matter how sweet the videos are. THIS game has been sucking MORE and MORE because the the “developer’s” are too interested in leaving things as they are and NOT “CONFRONTING” issues that keep the game interesting enough to me.

    Am I being “obnoxous”?

    YES I AM!

    To prove the point that, admins lack “balls” the developer’s lack “interest” and the player’s that enjoy the “game” enjoy it less everytime they care to play.


    That’s a big warning sound that scorched3D is on the rocks and sinking soon.

    Make the game so you have to “Register” your unique IP.

    Or quit the “Market”.





    I Think Gavin will do somethig about it. You aren’t even worth a coment.




    Sorry AT…

    It’s probably about time you were the one who was banned – PERMANENTLY…

    Mok, 1, TANK or whatever, was being perfectly fine while i was on…

    Getting too parnoid man for me… you seem to just be bringing everyone down with all these negative posts, and that’s what’s been affecting everyone most, not the riffraff…

    cya AT, but thanks for the ezine.

    Poolee, over and out…


    Apollo Tangent

    That’s perfectly O.K. by me.

    You should hate me 😉




    Apollo, You are seriously trippin now, or should I call you Sister Wendy?
    I am not positive but I believe you logged on using the nic Sister Wendy, taunting players and the admin to make your point, why create more problems than there already are? because The game is not set to your standards????
    you tell others if they dont like the rules make your own mod, well whats good for the goose is good for the gander, go make your own game if you dont like the way things are here, I once respected the hell out of you, but now you have lost it completely, do you think that by throwing tantrums and acting like a child will get u results?
    I for one am tired of your pushy self serving antics!
    if you dont like the game the way it is, be a man, and not ruin it for others, you are being very selfish, stop making the game a drag for everyone else.

    Scorched is stronger than ever and growing, no sinking ship here….
    also, if you dont like my stale videos, dont watch em, nobody is forcing you to watch them or play this game, at least I try and add someting positive to the Scorched scene!!!



    Lighten up. It’s just game.


    Apollo Tangent

    First of all. I’d like to point out that I never had to “double log to get a kill”.

    Secondly, the video’s are lame, you can listen to “tool”, nothing replaces (GAME PLAY).

    Thirdly. I’ll not recognize the fact that .bmp files can be changed ie: warp grid concept and naked GUI.

    You can have that all to yourself.


    Enjoy your fame.



    to quote Apollo:

    THIS game has been sucking MORE and MORE because the the “developer’s” are too interested in leaving things as they are and NOT “CONFRONTING” issues that keep the game interesting enough to me.

    I have played many online games over the years, how many games can you name that are not exploited by users in some way, almost all have hacks and other varios problems besieging them, take any Quake game for instance, if you actually pay for any of them when they come out you are looking at fifty bucks, then you have to download a patch, which has to be updated constantly, and still does not stop the hackers and exploiters, try asking ID games to help with problems of exploits in there games, you wont get far!!!
    So dont bash the makers of this FREE game, at least they will listen and respond!!!

    and for the last part…..

    keep the game interesting enough to me

    I cant believe you even wrote that…. this game is not all about you and what you want, like you are the only player that matters?

    also, like I said, if you dont like em, dont watch em!
    enjoy my fame? what all 2 posts I usually get? lets be for real here…


    Apollo Tangent

    Yeah, “Warp Grid” and Naked GUI”

    That was your idea.

    argh, I apologize for that.

    I am a “bad person”.



    no, warp grid was your idea, you encouraged me to mess with it if you remember right, and I never tried to take credit for it, the naked gui I did on my own, no suggestions from you!
    What is this really all about? why are you doing this to me and everyone else, I have always been cool to you!!!



    This game must end, this game has almost ended, AT is on his last move.

    You can spend it one of two ways:

    1) Beg and plead for mercy.
    2) Accept your ban like a man. Because I’m going do it next time I see you.

    You have been warned.



    I hope that i do not offend any one (language) but i give a hell (Hölle to all the german’s sorry no time to add other languages) yes to what willis just said!!!!!!!!!




    Something smells funny here.



    Apollo, Get some “balls”. I had really thought you were going to stick with all this after the post on the security issues. I really did. You sounded like you were trying to help gavin solve some problems. You seemed willing to hlep.

    What did I mss?

    Look, personally Here is what I have had to do to help keep my own socrched server running… You ever run a server like this? Really you should try it some time:

    1. I had to learn linux ( lots and lots of time this was.)
    2. compile scorched and mysql for stats so that people would be happy.
    3, Get a mod in which the mod auther decides to stop working on said mod for which you have to recode everything TWICE without knowing anything about the code used to build the mod.
    4. keep it all running. this is a job in itself especially when the computer the mod is running on decides to stop working a few days after a parent dies so that you not only have to deal with a funeral but also reinstalling EVERYTHING on your server 8 times (took forty nine hours) and nothing still worked.
    5. keep the people happy, did i mention keep the people happy?
    6. wait for any changes in the scorched game to be made and then START OVER From scratch. (mostly to keep the people happy).
    7. Watch for people who might spoil the game for everyone else.
    8. add to the mod which I have had to recode TWICE and make any neccesary changes so that thiings that didn’t work before work properly now.

    yeah you should try it before leaving. the joy I get is not from playing the game, the joy I get is from maintaining Panther’s server so that other people can play. I could have done as you did at anytime I felt like I wanted to and Just say “I’m done with this game.” and take Panther’s server down, but I don’t because it is fun for others and I don’t want to spoil their fun (I get a lot of positive feedback from people about my server). I have worked too hard on this to just say “I quit” and shut my server down. I refuse to do that.
    Also, when I played on any other server, I have tried to be fair (except for my little jokes to players lately). I ‘ll admit that to you all.

    if you gotta go you gotta go.

    but I tell you, I don’t like being told to F myself.

    You made a really good attempt to get under everyone’s skin apollo. Good try I’ll give you credit for that. It didn’t quite work though. One voice in a sea of many…


    This is a great game and I’m going to try and not let Apollo’s attitued spoil anything I am doing for Panther’s Server.


    Apollo Tangent

    @willis wrote:

    This game must end, this game has almost ended, AT is on his last move.

    You can spend it one of two ways:

    1) Beg and plead for mercy.
    2) Accept your ban like a man. Because I’m going do it next time I see you.

    You have been warned.

    Guess what Willie, You Don’t have balls.

    Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t fire me because I quit”! (???)

    Your lack of intestinal fortitude helped in my decision to quit.

    So Don’t profess that SUDDENLY you found a few grapes in your panites.

    Maybe this is your wake up call to BECOME and ADMIN.

    You have spent your time wearing your admin hat very foolishly. You have worn it covering your eyes.

    You can’t follow through on an empty threat.

    By posting a warning???


    I’m done with you and the rest of the people who don’t care enough about the game to keep it “shipshape”.

    Your words fall like a butter knife on hardened steel, you can keep hacking away but they never leave a mark.


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