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    Thought I would post this here, given the discussions about motherboards and my likeness of Asus (my mind is being changed at the moment especially since I found out that Asus is a daughter company of Acer. yes I should have already known, but hey, life was better when I was unaware).,news-1382.html

    This dispute is pretty recent from what I know but is spiralling outta control. Not suprising given the rivalry.



    Hi PR

    I just got my pc upgraded i was thinking about a quad core and an 8800gt but instead got a amd5000+black edition and a 9600gt.
    It would have been faster, but this should be good for a coulple of years.
    As a mainboard i got an asrock aliveN570sli, not the best but cheap and should still be upgradable after some time.



    Nice chip, I recommend the 4-5000 AMDs to most people, still outstanging performance for MOST stuff and a wickid price.
    With that graphics card, I woulda probably waited for and forked out on an Nvidia 750a motherboard with hybrid power/SLI and geforce boost. $150.
    Nice package though, good performance for great price.



    I finally received my upgraded video card from EVGA (90 day Step Up program). . . . It rocks! EVGA Nvidea e-GeForce 9800 GTX 512mb DDR3 PCI-E 1.0/2.0 ……

    Per EVGA Precision v1.01–I turned setting up a bit;)
    Core clock=702mhz
    Shader Clock=1755
    Memory Clock=1200
    Fan speed=47%

    GPU Temperature after 2 hours run time=60 C.

    I am going to get some good benchmarks on this PC very soon-I just ordered 3DMark Vantage Advanced CD-Rom……



    nVidia are suppose to be releasing the 10-series GPU’s this summer (already).



    Just thought I’d pitch this card out and see if it gets a reaction.

    I can’t say anything either way.



    So, your PC is better than mine Viking…

    But do you have a setup like this ????

    Yes, both computers are controlled by the same keyboard and mouse AND share the same cliipboard (but can’t transfer files between them except through file share 🙁 )



    Hey Nut, Nice set-up:)
    Posting a picture of part of my old set-up. Taken in 2006. In the picture….. My Linux box (700mhz celeronIII/256mb mem). The Xp box is below that-on floor shelf(2.8 P4 Northwood 1024mb mem). Monitor is a 17″/that & mouse/keyboard Kvm’d-3 radio scanners (1 pc controlled via serial/Icom pcr1000), 5.1 surround.
    The big radio is a 240 channel 10 meter. To the right of the monitor is a antenna switch/to liven up any scanner I want to listen to. Pre amp & Ant. tuner in middle top.

    New additions for 2008 (current)-Viewsonic 22″ lcd, New printer, CoolerMaster Cosmos(Vista 64 & quadQ6600) @ 6GB mem. Oregon scientific weather station (serialed via usb adapter). Placed the new box on a cement blocks(is heavy) to the left of what you see here. The 22″ is in front of me;The 17″ is in horizontal line to the left on top of the Cosmos tower. (using MultiMon Taskbar).

    To share files between the pc’s–I use a 160gb usb enclosed Hdd (Ide type).
    Or, 1 of my 4gb sticks…..

    I may post pics of the new set-up, when I get better organized 😉



    Found me some new drivers-Gave me a bit more #’s on Futuremark 3dMark Vantage.
    (Really looking forward to seeing Radens #’s with that i7 pc)……

    If anyone can give me any tips for making this thing faster–>PM me, or let me know here in this topic. “I have to try to at least keep up with Raden now”=LOL 😉
    [could also use some tips on replacing this 9800gtx+ with 2 cheap ATI cards for Xfire]
    *Man, prices sure have dropped*=I lost some bang for my buck-I shoulda waited….oh well.
    My PC has light OC @ 3021mhz(3.0Ghz)
    G.Skill mixed 6Gb DDR2 memory @ 1006mhz
    Used Prec. EVGA tool on my vid card @ core756/shaderclock1836/Memclock1224

    Edited-4/06/2009 Finally advanced my PC to Raid-0 hdd configuration 320gb x 2.



    This is the results for mine. the top pic was the results after overclocking it a bit, but the bottom two are stock settings results.



    this one is after I overclocked the cpu to 2.93Ghz



    Nice numbers Raden!! Thanks for posting them-That PC rocks!!
    I’ll never outperform that i7……..but….. I can try to stay close behind you=LOL 😆

    “Scouring the web for more tweaks” 😉



    Thanks Vike. But yours rocks too. Check out yr cpu score on the 3dmark vantage…its 3x better than mine :). Hope some new driver will be out soon to rectify or improve my cpu scores. My pc is almost done, just waiting for a new cpu cooler and maybe a second card to xfire and another 3 sticks of ram to make it 6gb in total.
    Since its a new cpu, there are some issues regarding its compatibility with vista. Did u know that vista does not auto detect and set the value for the L2 cache? Some tweaking has to be done to set it. I’m still trying to find out whether the same issue arises for the L3 cache value. The utility manager I use is Vista Manager v1.4.5 and I can only adjust my L2 value using it and not L3. Another alternative is editing the registry manually but if I can, I don’t want to get to that stage..
    Scorch ya soon Vike….


    Laptops Daddy

    @raden wrote:

    Check out yr cpu score on the 3dmark vantage…its 3x better than mine :). Hope some new driver will be out soon to rectify or improve my cpu scores….

    i think physx is owned by nvidia. you mustnt go by 3d mark cpu scores. i dont think ati use physx. (nor do most games). one more reason why synthetic benchmark scores dont give ligit gauges of performance. both companies cheat.

    maybe you two should have a contest with some mainstream games. match your resolutions and settings, take screenshots, see who gets the best fps.



    My FPS varied–In 1024×768….Normal (Fast PC) settings-This is what I maxxed at so far. Will post more as Laptop requested-Doing a few more comparisons/tests. & NO,
    I don’t retouch any photos!!

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