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    I cant wait for you to test it. I need a new computer your work will help me pick stuff out. 😀 😀

    I like the front sata connection.



    I spent 6 hours putting all the components & programs in the new tower last night–(Until 2:00a.m.) 😯
    The tower is huge–>My daughter said “it reminds me of a stainless steel refrigerator off extreme home makeover”=LOL!
    I am posting 2 of many pics during the build process–I will test this system over the course of this weekend–I will run PCWidard 2008 in a few minutes//Stock System//Default settings//All processes running. So far…..It puts any PC I have operated to shame …….& then some. I did install Bios updates (had no glitches yet) & the Guru software that came with the Motherboard is nothing short of awesome. Was a comment about noise in an earlier post—She is extremely Q-u-i-e-t 😉 [& I have one side panel removed for testing/watching M/B codes on M/B LCD small panel.
    Btw-Vista Ultimate OEM system builders edition is also awesome!! *Note* I set panels to classic view–>feels more like XP–>But, better! Many Operating system toys 😆 Check back….soon…I can’t help meself….going to run–>PCWidard 2008 in a few minutes actually–Will post results here & in the other proper topic area
    1st picture=Bare tower/before I started installing components.
    2nd picture=Preatty much finished with basic component install.
    Ordered more components–Too much room in this tower….A shame to let it go to waste 😉 ➡


    Laptops Daddy

    very nice to see

    that’s a monster

    glad to see you went with an abit motherboard. you won’t regret it.

    that’s an arctic cooling heatsink isn’t it? i have a similar one in one of mine. how are the temps? is it sufficient? (fraction of the price of thermalright – good value, i think).

    do you have the 120mm case fans on motherboard headers?

    looking forward to seeing those benchmark scores.



    43x96MM fan in the Artic Freezer 7 Pro cooler–Have not seen temps over 90 degrees F. on the (Cpu)–Wait til ya see these numbers=Rofl!! Mostly running in 32 bit also–All while I benched this PC….The Cpu Maxed @ 33% & averaged @ 29%///\The Memory Maxed @ 32% & Averaged @ 31%. During the Benchmarking run….The temp on the Cpu only hit 83 degrees F. . Fan speeds are set & run slower than 12v. I need to clock the video card up a bit (Need more data first) & also the ram could use some different settings(more studying 1st).
    Here are some numbers I received off the first 3 benchmarking runs (Ran 3 complete cycles to eliminate glitches/misreadings)They averaged……Um….Ya wont believe this……….—>41,000+ Overall !!

    System info: General Information :
    Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    Frequency : 2400 MHz
    L1 Cache : 4 x 64 KB
    L2 Cache : 2 x 4096 KB
    Chipset : Intel X38
    Physical Memory : DDR2-SDRAM PC2-6400 (399 MHz)
    Video Card : Nvidia Corp
    DirectX Version : 10.00
    Hard Disk : WDC (320 GB)

    Tests Information :
    Instructions SSE, SSE2, SSE… 128-bit
    Instructions SSE4a, SSE4.1, … 128-bit
    Instructions FPU128 : 128-bit
    Instructions MMX : 64-bit
    Instructions 3DNow! : 64-bit
    Instructions FPU (x87) : 64-bit
    Instructions INT : 32-bit

    PC Wizard 2008 Version 1.81

    Owner: Microsoft
    Organisation: Microsoft
    User: Viking-62
    Operating System: Windows (TM) Vista Ultimate Professional 6.00.6000
    Report Date: Friday 07 March 2008 at 11:02


    > Performance Global : 5.8

    > Performance CPU : 5.9

    > Performance Memory : 5.8

    > Performance Graphics : 5.9

    > Performance Gaming : 5.9

    > Performance Disk : 5.9

    ***** End of report *****


    Laptops Daddy

    doesn’t the print screen button work in vista?

    ctrl prtsc for fullscreen, alt prtsc for just the window. copies to the clipboard, then u paste into your photo editor.

    i may be able to help with ram timings a little if u get stuck. plenty of info on the internet.

    just seen the screen cap. v nice. what’s that ref system it’s compared with?

    41k? weren’t most people getting about 4k? u sure that’s right? : )



    Yep-My friend…..prepare to be amazed (I am!!) I read your post & changed bios versions–Lots of settings to learn–That was the right #’s (3 tests-in a row). After I changed the bios…..these are still respectable numbers. I have proof for these tests;). Man, this box is a dream……almost silent/no heat problems….Sooo far 🙂 Going to have to take typing classes…..I cannot press buttons fast enough to bog her down!!! Multi-programs=No effect on performance!! What-a-rush!!
    *Pics/stats follow*


    Laptops Daddy

    : ) excellent



    Thank you LD 😀 I am going to see if I can duplicate the earlier numbers that I got. Changing bios version–I just want to show you that I am not senile yet….=LOL
    Be back to post a chart soon-I hope.



    **PCWizard 2008 Benchmark**
    I reset the Motherboard via the m/b reset button–Installed the new bios update via bios installer=Wall’Ah 40K+ (Yeppirs….42,790.72=Awesome).
    Just need to figure out how to step up that Video card…Maybe hit 50k?
    I am very pleased/Time & $$ well spent 😉
    I am honored to share this with all the people who helped me out with the choices in this build–We built a Monster!! I wish you could be here with me to test it further 🙂
    Props all-We did very well in the choices made.
    I used a Vista program called snippit (comes with Vista)to screenshot the pics that follow-Enjoy!



    *Windows Vista Ultimate-OEM System builders pack (64 Edition)*
    Installed smoothly-No bugs….Yet. Very nice graphics also. Has so many prgrams/functions….will take me days to try them all 😆
    To Noob Bandit:–For gaming & a media center….This is the OS/CPU combo to beat (I believe)–Has lots of tv/video/music related options & combined with this video card & onboard 7.1 & HD capability….well….all I can say is—>WOW!!
    I will update/review more later–thanks again guys–I do appreciate all the help–You are a great bunch of people & one hell of a community!!

    *I am proud to call you my friends*



    Hello all–I thought you all might be interested in the gaming ability of this PC. I am guessing DVD play will not be a problem 😉
    *Gaming Performance* “Based on Viking62′ Q6600/Abit IX38 Quad GT/EVGA e-GeForce 512mb PCI-e 2.0/hyvision 5ms 17” LCD Monitor/Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB Hard Drive – 7200, 8MB, SATA-300, OEM (TSD-320AAJS)
    ** 3/09/08—All settings tried–*The chosen settings provided “no” artifacts,screen glitching,ghosting or timing delays–(Local Game)
    [Scorched3d v.41.3]=
    Level of detail=Large,Max,High
    All options running/active
    FPS=60.00 Average (No lower than 58FPS)
    *Overall*=Smooth & steady! “1st time I’ve seen the game in such detail”=Awesome!!

    AA=8x (Yes, 8x)
    Advanced options=All options on High + Object Quality setting=Very High
    *Overall*=Smooth & steady! “Realistic graphics/Blew me away”!! (Note-The guy hanging upside down in the tree scared the crap right outta me) Rofl……..




    @viking62 wrote:

    (Note-The guy hanging upside down in the tree scared the crap right outta me) Rofl……..


    AAAWWwwwwww, was da big bad Viking scared by the poor lil dead man?
    Or was it the vaporizing?

    Cooochie, Coooo



    Wow-This was a double post mistake–*please pull this reply post if ya want to…Moderators*



    LOL @ nut–Made me jump. I had my face about 18″ from the screen…playing the game & watching the clarity…then, BooM….A dead dude in me face. Yessirry-I jumped hard!! LOL

    Btw-The clarity of DVD movies are awesome also with the included media center. *(My opinion)–This is a great all around system–Will perform many tasks gracefully 😉

    I cannot picture myself ever using all this processing power–But, it sure beats waiting like I have to with my XP Celeron 2.4-1GB-FX5200agp system 😆



    I prefer to use media player classic that comes with the K-Lite codec pack, but I can easily use my remote with media centre.

    Only reason I’m still using Vista is for media centre (I have a TV tuner and its by FAR the best PVR software), my XP is not the MCE edition, which I would SERIOUSLY prefer.

    So, when ya getting Call of Duty 4 and letting me show you how a 22″ helps snipe your head off?

    It’s SOO much better than Crysis!

    BTW, you’d be suprised how much you actually use, multi-core CPUs are great for multi-tasking (Like a woman) and although its easy to think you don’t multi task that much, bare in mind the programs often running in the background (especially a dirty old install):

    just look in your taskbar, I have:
    Virtual Clone Drive
    Clone CD
    Remote control software
    Audio Software
    Media Centre (ESPECIALLY when its recording)
    Win Updates
    Anti Virus (with spam filter)

    Often I also have firefox and winrar doing something, maybe disks being written / audio encoding.

    I would usually have Object dock, window blinds, windows FX running too, but Vista doesn;t like them very much (and vice versa of course)

    All while im actually trying to do something else, a dual core does this well, but a quad core does it effortlessly, meaning no click, pause, continue, its bang bang BAM!

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