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    Laptops Daddy

    @viking62 wrote:

    Ok….HDD? I have a ide raptor(older) & I don’t want to pull 1 of my satas out of my current pc….would I lose much performance here with an ide interface drive

    i think most people probably wouldnt notice much difference on ata66 with a single drive. ata100 should be fine.

    im looking forward to the days when everyone needs sata3

    @viking62 wrote:

    *This new pc will probably get the Ubuntu 9.10 installed as the OS*

    sounds fun. its worth giving debian or suse a try.



    Thanks for the reply LD. Nice comparison of the drives on YouTube. Not enough difference for me to worry about atm as far as ssd goes(price point vs. GB).

    If I can find a semi small .Iso for those OS’ I will try them out-

    LD, your insight is appreciated as always=Thx



    intel? in amd budget dominated market? RETHINK the Cpu please vik.

    would be nice to have a backup computer thats quad eh?

    Operating systems.

    unbuntu (linux for human noobs)
    open suse (everyone likes suse)
    debian (the all powerful linux)

    All of these can be semi sized operating systems if you want them to be really.

    (Basically stay away from windows and you are staying close to everything small)



    Mon 30th Aug 2010
    The End of an Era~ AMD To Phase Out ATI Brand

    Link ➡

    Sad-Abit went by the wayside also for M/B a while back…… BTW My Abit x38 GT board is still up & running & I’m still Overclocked daily on my Q6600 quad cpu (Stock=2.4/OC’d steadily @ 3.2Ghz)-Ram running @ 1033mhz…I’ve pushed the cpu in the past-The best I can get before a blue screen is 3.8Ghz. I have held 3.9Ghz……but, only for about 15 seconds-Then she blipped 😀 (My CPU temp is running @ 93-95 degrees F. & Human Body temp is 98.6 F.)

    Selling out=Cheap prices-Just because they/companies cannot make it financially does not mean their products are junk-Watch for great sales prices & snatch up an upgrade that you have been wanting. 😉



    Goodbye to the name ATI hello re branded ATI.
    I am surprised that AMD held onto the ATI name as long as they did. Same technology merged with new technology will hopefully mean even faster graphics. Goodbye ATI Radeon hello Radeon. Good to see they are not renaming current products as well, will be less confusing in a couple of years.

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