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    You’re most welcome Vike, and thanks too. I remember seeing somewhere in a pc mag, a system that was totally submerged in a kind of liquid that acted as a coolant. The system did not require a cpu cooler ❗
    My old system was built in a mid tower case as well, and it had a zalman cpu cooler and an ATI HD3870 gfx card that came with a zalman fan. That ran pretty cool too, but the temps were much higher than my current system. A full tower case would normally run cooler than a mid tower case. However, running an open top case would yield even lower temps. 😀



    You’re all a bunch of bastages with ya fancy pants PCs (lemme say, I need more IDE connectors to illistrate how redundant mine is)

    To elaberate on the submerged PC issue as I’ve been doing a bit of research into this.
    peanut oil (ofcourse Peanut, it’s the best @ everything) or mineral oil has been found to be the best for it’s heat transfer properties and of equal importance, non electrical conductivity/corrosiveness.

    De-ironised mineral water can be used, however I have read that in most cases after a few months electrical shorts have occured.

    Also, heatsinks and fans should still be used to give a greater surface area to disperse the heat into the oil and the fans to circulate the oil (although the fans will die alot quicker due to the higher resistance on them)

    Here’s my favorite ‘submerged’ pc build, although if you look closely, they’ve cheated, but the fish are SOO cool.

    This looks interesting for the difference it makes (only just watched for first time)

    A nice vid to show what’s involved in building one (I love the way they use a decent OS on the decent hardware 😀 😀 😀 hehe)



    Additional to the above:

    Just found which I have found very interesting and useful so far.

    They’re the guys in … the 3rd video I believe.

    I’d also like to make a mention about submerging hard drives… for me, it’s a ‘do not submerge’ due to the pressure equalization hole.
    I don’t know whether the hole really is required except in extreme conditions, but I wouldn’t recommend covering it to allow for submersion. and most definately DO NOT submerge with the hole open (platters spinning in oil and heads trying to move through it = crap / unreliable performance).

    Also, the temperatures achived have been pretty poor in the majority of cases unless a radiator is used. This is because of the small amount of surface area. With a larger tank, the temperatures should be better, or maybe a huge heatsink just dipping into the oil.

    I have been thinking for a few weeks about doing it myself, I just cannot afford it atm, but when I’m working again, it will be high on my list of things to do.

    Ltd, I hand over to you as I’m SURE you’ll have SOMETHING to add 😀


    Laptops Daddy

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Ltd, I hand over to you as I’m SURE you’ll have SOMETHING to add 😀

    yes… something to add

    i dont know…

    make sure you have plenty of tissues handy?



    It’s been that long… I’d forgotten how random people are in this community..

    Why do I keep leaving????



    A often overlooked part of PC maintenance. This would be a good time (Winter for most) to get the dust bunnies out of your computer tower….Power supply… card(s) & ports. I use compressed air to blow out everything (have a portable air storage tank)–>Remember, heat kills when it comes to electronic devices.



    PC tweaks for various operating systems-



    nice link, checked it out, very thorough.




    Ok…… Bad news for me-An update on my “Abit IX38 Quad GT” motherboard PC. I recently tried installing a PCIx tv tuner card(Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Media Center Kit Dual TV Tuner) and it blue screened me 3 times when the included (and WMC) software tried to access it. Long story shortened;my motherboard is now fried due to what I believe was a defective tuner card. I troubleshooted my board/vid card/memory….I get nothing on my monitors…even though the board lights up & the codes show on the MB window…pc self restarts over & over…looks to be accessing a hdd(busy lights).
    Going to try flashing the MB Bios chip(via MSDos/flash drive) one time & see what I get. Either way….I ordered a (GIGABYTE- ➡ motherboard *More settings for in depth overclocking*. Will post an update here….of my progress. I’m on an old laptop for now….so, I will not be online much for the time being. ~wish me luck~ I will check back for any ideas from members of the Scorched community.


    Laptops Daddy

    oh no!!! that lovely abit intel motherboard. that was a beauty, too. shame.

    watch out for electrical current from the signal input with tv tuners, especially if you have it hooked up to a sat/cable decoder or an arial amplifer. bet that could fry your stuff. ive never had it happen, but ive seen blue sparks from tv signal inputs.

    you know this well yourself, vik, but it’s probably not the best move to flash your bios if the pc is already unstable. (do clear the cmos). i know – when youre out of options, maybe it could be worth a go.

    isnt that a uguru board? it should have a built in lcd post indicator. what stage does it get to before restarting? (little lcd panel near the cmos with numbers that change during post?)



    Thanks for the reply LD! I did the reset numerous times….. OK, the good news is;The pc is running again just fine now. I did these things: Swapped out video card 1st….with my old 9800gtx (=same problem & swapped back to 280gtx)-Then, I took out my 4 memory sticks…installed 1 stick back into mb,reset
    & test ran=It ran once & I forgot to enter Bios #-o before Vista booted…..
    Fought with pc & checked remedies online via old laptop pc. After a few hours…it hit me( :-k )…. Video card has memory also…. Pulled that 1 memory stick/pulled video card/(yep,pwr supply always turned off before messing with things)Reset board after pulling battery backup also/jumpered pins for board power drain. Reversed what I did…. & whammo, she started up!! I went straight to Bios and did a safe factory reset of settings & applied. Restarted….let go through post & booted into Vista…..Deleted everything to do with that TV Tuner card-dll’s & all! Cleaned Vista thoroughly & restart 4 times….. Overclocked that Q6600 from 2.4ghz to 3.2ghz & the memory to 1066mhz(all 8 gigs)…..Has been running an hour now & is stable. 😯 This is one tough motherboard=Too bad Abit went out of business. Hey LD-You want to buy that Gig board from me when it gets here at cost? (see post above & link). In a weird/twisted way ➡ 😈 I was looking forward to playing with that new board 😉 **All in all, I believe my MB was doing a self preservation mode thing in the bios-Hence, only getting 1 chance to fix things in the bios post before it locked up again** I dunno-Maybe LD does 🙂
    Oppps-Excuse me a minute whilst I go change my pc clock…in all my excitement, I forgot! 😆
    *Sending the TV Tuner back for RMA swap-Told them to test it before they send another out to me!!



    Dang Vike…sure you didn’t ground out on the helmet?



    Could be Chop- Da horns got betwangled(Vike speak) in da putervatoring (another Vikeword) misconbupulating quadra corious startup thingy ma jiggy 😆



    YES. You must always try to reset the cmos battery as a routine troubleshoot for hardware issues.

    Lately my computer hanged, so i restarted. But it dint beep on startup and monitor would be blank. I thought i fried my cpu and was almost sure of it until i reset the cmos. Has been working fine since.

    This is a crucial tip worth remembering.


    I think vik just wants that gigabyte board and convinced himself he fried the mobo as an excuse to get it. But he dint want to disappoint laptop : ) . I dont care about manufacturers as long as things work. All are the same in my opinion. Warranty support is what i look out for.



    @yusuf wrote:

    I think vik just wants that gigabyte board and convinced himself he fried the mobo as an excuse to get it. But he dint want to disappoint laptop : ) . I dont care about manufacturers as long as things work. All are the same in my opinion. Warranty support is what i look out for.

    LOL Yus-
    I did not send that gigabyte mb back. My Abit ix38 quad gt mb is doing just fine(thankful for that).

    Ok….drum roll. . . . ….. At current prices,I thought:What the heck…..cough…. Building another pc to play around with,*I need a back up anyway*.
    Here’s what I have for used & new hardware:
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Motherboard (New)
    G.skill 4gb 1066mhz (taking 1/2 the ram from my current pc-had 8gb)(used)
    Apex mid tower(cheap)-(new)
    Logisys 575w ps (cheap)-(new)
    Intel E6300 Wolfdale 2.8ghz 65w dual core cpu (cheap-(new)
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro/cpu cooler (open box=cheap/new)
    My old 9800GTX x16 pcix vid card(used)
    Ok….HDD? I have a ide raptor(older) & I don’t want to pull 1 of my satas out of my current pc….would I lose much performance here with an ide interface drive?
    *This new pc will probably get the Ubuntu 9.10 installed as the OS*

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