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    I will try to persuade a couple of friends to join me in my endeavor to have a good refreshing game of Scorched. Chances are they will be new players, and the server choice will be AWE.

    Anyone left who checks the forums regularly is invited to attend.
    Watching the traffic die has been miserable, and I yet refuse to let the game go.

    I still update my local copy of AWE intermittently, and I hope someday to present my recent workings to the community. This community has stood by me during my best and my worst, and I hope that I can continue the tradition. Its a shame to see so few left, but hope yet remains.

    Anyway, enough of reminiscing, see you Saturday if all fares well. I have yet to settle on a time, but I will post here Saturday morning when I will be available.





    ooOOoooo, bringing new canon fodder? Excellent!
    I’ll try to ensure I’m part of the ranks (I suck balls @ AWE)!

    Good luck with it anyway Bunny, it’s hard to get a server active.

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