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    A few times now I’ve seen results on the server lists that were an
    error, but interesting in thier own way.

    On occasion, the server lists have read my game-servers register
    messages oddly, and Displayed them twice on the lists. Once in
    the normal IP# + Portno fashion, and again later in the list as a
    DNS + Portno style.

    I was curious if others had seen it, and more curious if people
    would like to see it used on a more permanant basis.
    Honestly, it feels more authentic if the address you connect
    to has a recognizable lable on it.

    I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to do. It’s not in the game’s code, it’s
    only on gavin’s server-list php. So of course, the final say is always
    up to him.



    Got this again today.. sure.. it’s an error, but I really think it could be
    turned to a positive result somehow..
    Servers listed by thier DNS names if it is available, like the last one on this list..



    Where are you getting those server lists? My in-game browser doesn’t look anything like that, although many of the same servers do show up…



    The link at the very top of the page labeled servers.

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