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    Okay, I have a little beef with the economy in the mods APOC and SHOCK. It’s not that the weapon prices are too expensive – their relative values with one another are good i think. It’s that you don’t make enough money by the end of the round to (on average) be able to buy a big weapon more than twice. or an UBER weapon more than once. Especially if you want a good shield at some point.

    The weapons of APOC and SHOCK definately reflect the names of their respective mods, but the gameplay is anything but apocolytic or shocking. You get few opportunities to use the good weapons and even when you get to use them (even wide spread hailstorm like weapons) they don’t guarantee you multiple or single kills.

    I would like to see something like 30-50% increase in the monetary rewards for hits/kills/wins. The action would be better and i don’t believe that this will make gameplay messy. instead we’ll become more familiar with the bahaviours of these bigger weapons.

    /sorry if that wounded like a winy rant. i’d just like to see more boom.



    BTW: that was my post above. i forgot to log in.



    thank you for your input it has been noted and hopefully at some point
    we can accomidate every entire player to every entire wish
    but in real life … that prob wont happen

    speaking realistic .. yes some weapons could use some updates
    and i will try to make everything work the best way i can.

    but, expecting ALOT of free heavy weapons is prob not going to happen
    atleast on Bobirovs server

    but there is always the option to start your own server giving every1
    free weapons and let them all create havoc on your graphics cards =)

    and on the hailstorm weapon I will add more of a hit percent.



    Well I for one do not plan on changing pricing in Apoc. It is exactly the way I intend it to be. If you want an uber weapon, you have to work for it. If I increase rewards dramatically or decrease the pricing of the large weapons, it would be a non-stop spam fest of big weapons, and that was not what I am after. I just want an extension of the standard game play. That does provide you with something to buy in the event that you can save up a lot of money.

    I have seen the strangelove fired in multiplayer games several times in version 37, and that was before I was giving and additional everyone 5k a round. So I know it is quite possible, it just requires planning. And no, that means you can’t use all mid-range weapons with big shields every round, you’ll never make it.

    I agree with Shock here, if you want people to be using tons of big weapons, start up your own server with your own rules. Give everyone 200k per game and a lot of money every round with max rewards and you’ll have plenty of big weapons being fired I’m sure. But my server is the way I like it.. 😛



    okay, i see how it works. sorry, i’m new to the game and wasn’t aware of my options here.

    thanks guys.


    M. O.

    also think of it in terms of main Shock server has 8 rounds per game. you get 50k to start. to get to the large weapons by round 8 start like I do buy 1grenade, 1 tome bomb, 1 bbroller, 1 bbdigger, 1 shield, and paras. you should have around 10k left. use those wepons for the first couple rounds as effective as possible until you need to buy more. I have hit over 100k on the official Shock server more than once with this strategy. It just works. Start Small then go Big.

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