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    Hy guyz?
    I have the same problem all the time: When a Funky bomb or a Death’s head hits the ground, and start to devastate, the game freezes and crashes. As I read before, it is caused by a stack overflow. Is there any way to desolate this problem?
    Please answer, it drives me crazy! 😡



    Yeah, this has been fixed in the current development version. I think.

    ODE (the physics engine we are using) uses a huge amount of stack space.

    I have a fixed binary I can mail to you to see if it helps if you want.



    Thanks for the help, gcamp, I would really appreciate that bugfix. My email is I would be most graceful if you would be so kind as to send me that error fix.

    I have the latest version of the game, and the funky bomb-crash still appears.
    Apart from this, and some minor bugs, it is a nail-bitingly great game! You boys did a great job! 😆



    I have sent you a new version, let me know how you get on.




    What do you know, your patch actually WORKED! Now I can annihilate all my classmates in a simple blast, when we play with computers in a break :))) God DAMN it, you’re a very great chap, aren’t you? 8)

    I hope the new version of the game will have this fix built-in…the other guys may also have this Funky bomb, and Death’s head impact problem…
    Thank yo so much again!

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