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    Apollo Tangent

    Admins can lock a forum.
    Admins can edit posts.
    Admins can “critique” my input.
    Admins should be able to carry themselves on basic standards, Now that the “little napoleon” thread is locked, it’s time for the admins to do what’s meant to be done.




    It isn’t like other players haven’t broke rule while playing.


    Apollo Tangent

    Well, maybe you should use balanced scales to find what He’s done as being “positive” then throw the negative comments on the other platen.

    ADMIN rights doesn’t mean coerce or deny freedom of voice.

    If it isn’t in the chat filter, it should and will be used.

    taunting is part of the game but ADMIN login should not be used as a taunt.




    Apollo, wwhy the heck u think that everything is done only in order to taunt you??? (Remember one thime when Device logedin as admin and u thought its moke and that he he trying to taunt u??)

    Every admin logs in because its the usual routin we do every time we play (unless the game is so fun that we forget.. 😀 ).

    The login is the basic guideline.

    It’s not been done in order to taunt ANYONE.




    I think replying to Apollo posts is not a good idea.

    Oh geesh. I just did it 🙂

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