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    Today during a game on Main I had a chance to observe an interesting bug in v41. I’ll try to provide as much detail as I think is relevant.

    At one point I spawned next to LostUser. Decided I’d shoot some rollers at him, so I just aimed and fired, but of course at the last second the bastage popped up a heavy shield and killed me getting away with a mere scratch. I died a funky death. Hoping that LostUser would get himself killed in the process I watched most of the missiles fly right at him and right through his shield as if it was not there at all. At the end of the move, the only damage to the shield was from my rollers. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but moments later LostUser confirmed he’s seen it too.

    So what could cause this? I remember reading that some parts (all?) of the simulation are now performed on the client as opposed to the server. Could it be that the funky simulation is somehow taking place before/without having any knowledge of the shield?



    Normally, Shots will not collide with a player’s shield if they are fired
    from within it.. they will only pass outward. Only shots from the
    out-side will impact the bubble.

    And as usual, all damage to a player will be applied to the Shield first,
    reguardless of the proximity to the target. Inside.. or outside his bubble.



    Any shots that are deemed to have been fired by the user will ignore that user’s shield. Death shots are considered to be fired by the user that causes the death, thats why they get awarded kills for them.

    If the shot had hit the tank it still would have exploded.



    So this has always been the case? I know that you can get yourself killed with rollers even though you have a shield up, but I wasn’t aware that this applies to all weapons, including “death” weapons. I’m not sure what to do with rollers, but the described situation in particular seems extremely non-intuitive and I’d rather see it changed to something more sensible.

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