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    Frank , aka Frakenfarter, is ok and back from the vet after ungoing anethesia and having a tooth cleaning and four bad ones pulled. The infections in his gums were painful and causing raised antibodies in his blood.

    This can be very risky in older dogs (he”ll be 17 in June). He’s back getting his bearings which weren’t to good anyway since he’s pretty much deaf and has eyesight thats about 25% of what it should be.

    He’s still being watched close (almost walked into the Koi pond earlier) by mrs Chop and me. He seems to be coming back around.

    All of you with pets know how it feels….like family, no they ARE family.



    That is one ol’ tough dog-Imagine that, considering who his owner is. Feed him some chili Chopper & he will recover faster…….. but, you may not . . .ROFL 😆

    Hope your friend hangs in there-Yep, we know, a lot of us have pets 😉


    pastor of muppets

    Good to hear Frank is still around.

    My oldest dog ever lived to be 17 it was hard to say goodbye to Buster Boo Boo. We currently have another 17 year old Beagle (Annie) who just refuses to give up she still has all functions except a little eyesight loss. She is a fighter.

    By the way we added two new members to the family we have Mopefi and Dreamsickle the two most annoying cats ever. They take turns running by Annie and pop her in the butt or head and running away because she makes the funnest barking sound 🙄 stinking cats.



    Happy to report after keeping us up almost all night last nite….he’s better today. Came to work (he always does) Appetite is coming back. And is walking much better….I think the room was still moving around on him…they gave him some litle pain pills.



    Hi Chopper :

    I’m glad to hear that Frank is coming around.
    I’m going through the same thing here.
    Hang in there, it takes a little time.

    My dog had his first bowel movement in 3 days today.
    It wasn’t normal but it was a great poop all the same.

    I was so happy, I almost had one too.
    Had to call someone and tell them.

    I hope that Frank continues to improve and that
    you might post a picture of his next poop for me.

    Just want to see if it gets me excited.

    Best wishes to you all,




    Thanks Romme….but the poop part wasn’t a prob…getting him to stand up…small prob for a while.

    You want a picture of what?? :-k



    well, Frank’s pretty much back to normal. Funny thing is where they shaved the hair in about a 2 inch wide band on one lower leg for the iv. He has the skinniest lower leg… 😆

    Buts he’s all good and his “Shrimp Breath” as Mrs Chop called in is waaaaaaaaaaaay better… =D>

    it was hard on him, we’ll know more about his blood count (from mouth infections) in another week.



    Good to hear Frank is better 😀



    Hope he stays on the up and up.

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