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    Fractals have been around for a good while now with the advent of PCs and while it was for the longest times just julias and mandelbrots, nowadays with the search to find 3D fractals and mandelbulbs, the push is on to create more complex and radical fractals than before.

    Is it art? Art is always in the eye of the beholder, some people are extremely gifted with those programs, others just dabble and toy with them. I have been creating fractals for a year and a half now and some of the creations, to me, look nice enough so that I’d be able to show them.

    There are fractal artists out there that can do wonderful and amazing work, but since it might be copyrighted I will just start with a few samplers from my own gallery.

    The first three are done in Incendia, the last two done with Apophysis


    Laptops Daddy

    nice. i like the one three up from the bottom. i may need to have a go.



    I can’t recomment enough visiting deviantart dot com for that, if you look for Incendia and Apophysis you will see that there are fractals and artists there that put other graphical artists to shame 🙂



    Those kick azz.

    And this coming from a dood who stayed up late rendering crap in Fractint on a 486 ages ago. 🙂

    I also love the fractal capabilities of the newer KPT / Eyecandy Photoshop plugins…. 😉

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