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    I’ve noticed lately that the forum topics all have the “white” icon beside them – meaning “no new posts” – is this just happening to me?



    I have this same problem and it is REALLY ANNOYING. If anyone knows how to solve this, I’d love to hear about it.

    If I delete cookies it works exactly one time, then stops keeping track of which posts are new again. Oddly enough if I look at the boards from the office, it works like it is supposed to, but not from the house. I have also tried placing as a trusted site but that doesn’t solve the problem either.



    Now that you mention it – it seems to me that it works for me at the office too, but not at home. Perhaps it’s a sign that we need to spend less time at home on the forums and more time at work on the forums. 😆

    Point of interest: At work I’m running Win XP and IE, and at home I’m using Linux and Konqueror. I’ll try it with Firefox and see what happens.



    Point of interest: Using Mozila Firefox in Linux, and it seems to be working fine.




    Not having any trouble here. Win XP and Firefox for me.


    Apollo Tangent

    I just use the two highlighted here to go to them quickly.

    View posts since last visit =
    View your posts
    View unanswered posts =

    It saves you the task of going to each section and scrolling down.

    It’s good to know that so many of us browse the forums thouroughly though isn’t it?


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