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    Sub-Threads :

    This request pertains specifically to the thread in the
    complaint section for lag issues. However, it also
    pertains to the rest of the threads in the forum.

    By allowing sub-threads In the lag section, each
    player could maintain a sub-thread seperate from
    the introduction and template suggestion. This
    would prevent the lag thread from becomming a
    cluttered multi-page thread of one users problems.

    The only reguirements for the main page (tread header)
    would then be :

    The Introduction
    The Report Template
    The Player Folder

    The player folder would contain a seperate thread
    for each of the players wishing to log their issues.

    If possible, access to the player threads should be
    limited to the original author and the moderators.

    The intent being to maintain a neat and orderly
    reporting system in an easy to maintain manner.



    Oooops … I forgot something important.

    If possible, for each thread or sub-thread, that is
    created, moderator rights should be assigned to the
    original author. This allows the author the ability to
    properly maintain their thread without the assitance
    of the moderators.

    This not only allows the author the courtesy of
    being in control of their thread, it also frees up
    the moderators for other more pressing tasks.


    Laptops Daddy

    I don’t understand your post, but lag issues are more likely to be a problem at the user’s end.

    Maybe it could help to get a list of tweaks and suggestions together and add it to the wiki?

    Shouldnt that stuff (links to the wiki etc) be in help and troubleshooting?



    Several hours of lag for almost everyone last night.

    See the lag thread.

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