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    I’ll Second That 🙄

    Nice to see the Forum is not totally dead yet…….
    Me thinks-Way too much Drama & the peeps got sick of it.
    I keep checking back in time-to time. . . .waiting & wondering if any of the ol’ gang will show up again.

    Lurks….. . .back into da shadows. . . . . 😉



    =D> =D> =D> LOke



    Vik & chop; I am immensely honoured by your agreement, but I really would prefer Rommel or BOY to reply to what I have written. I expected a wall of text from Rommel, so far I have been disappointed.




    Open Letter :

    The fact that the Moderators are currently free to edit and/or delete the
    posts of others without proper and enforceable rules is something that
    XTC, Loke, Viking, Chopper, BOY, Deathstryker, myself and many others
    have found disturbing.

    Note : Several are administrators and two are Global Moderators.

    A rational policy for editing the work of others seems to be in order.

    Suggestion # 2 :

    Guidelines for Editing :

    This is Gavin’s site, and for all practical purposes, his game.
    He is the Chief Moderator just as he is the Chief Administrator.

    ALL problems reflect on him personally and professionally.

    Questionable posts can easily be flagged for his review.
    Questionable posts should never be altered without his approval.

    Posts that blatantly violate a forum rule shall be edited as follows :

      . . . . . The 10 Commandments of Editing

      ….I. The editor will be polite and professional in all dealings with users.
      II. The editor will publicly identify themselves in any post they edit.
      ..III. The editor will ONLY edit the offending portion(s) of the text.
      ..IV. The editor will indicate each place where text has been edited.
      V. The editor will indicate the rule that was violated with each edit.
      ..VI. The editor will send the author a private message concerning the violation.
      .VII. The editor will quote the original and unedited post in the initial message.
      VIII. The editor will copy all correspondence with the user to ALL Moderators.
      …….(To ensure integrity, use Multiple Recipients and send one message ONLY)
      ..IX. The author will be notified that they are free to edit or delete the post.
      X. The sanitized post shall otherwise remain as a deterrent to others.

    Those not capable of following these simple guidelines, are perhaps
    more of a problem to the health of these forums than the spammers.


    NOTE : The Complaint section is for resolving the problem(s) presented.

    Constructive suggestions and/or intelligent debate concerning the
    suggestions presented are both, welcomed and encouraged.

    Posts that violate the forum rules are neither helpful nor desired.

    I must go destroy the world now. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel



    Rommel – on which planet do you live, has anyone moderated/edited posts lately, with malicious intent, intent that would just show that those who did that, are not worth the trust that have been placed on them.

    We could discuss all kinds of hypothetical problems and try to deflect the attention away from the very real ones. You are wasting my time and probably that of others too.

    PoM had decency enough to try to wash away the shame of being nominated by an autocratic entity by seeking the acceptance by the then active admins. How is it that you never tried that?



    I haven’t edited %$@#….except my own.
    I think if you post it, you’re responsible for it. So think before you do it….because it will be out here a long time.

    And yeah…if POM fell on his sword….maybe romme should too.



    What happened to your replies Romm?……..or am I seeing things?…….or is there a serial deleter on the loose? 😆



    @viking62 wrote:

    Hey- Waaaay Offtopic (Sorry) Anyone up for a few games in about 12 hours? Hmmm

    I’m feelin lucky & wanna blow someones arse up 😆

    I will moderate this post after a while of it setting & fermenting.

    ok Ol’ buddy?! 😉

    It’ll be 2am here. If I am awake and sober I’ll do my best.
    Good use of ‘arse’ instead of ‘ass’ (which is as I’m sure you know, a donkey) 😆





    pastor of muppets

    I would love to get my game on. Working my shift sucks don’t ever get to see you guys. I will check the server Sunday night around 8 or 9 p.m. cst to see if any of you bastages are on. I actually check it daily but don’t ever see anyone on here anymore. I played a game with Cambo the other day and had a blast unfortunately we both had to leave after a few rounds.

    Yes the drama is chasing everyone off IMHO and it just continues and continues. I would love to hear from others if they agree or disagree. Just to set the record straight I was never ashamed of the way I was nominated or given admin status, ultimately Gavin has the last word and he is the one that gave me admin status. It was in an unconventional way but it was done by him. I was simply seeking the approval of my new peers to squash any controversy and maybe to work within a team atmosphere to improve the game. I was accepted by many, not all responded but those that did seemed to welcome me.

    One of the biggest attractions of scorched3d to me was the community. The forums the friendships the familiarity with eachother. So if forums is full of nothing but soap opera bull crap and constant complaints of the state of things people will lose interest. People have lost interest. We have a list of admins 25 people long many of them don’t play anymore, some of them have voiced disapproval publicly with the game and laugh at and bash Main and beginners. One of them does nothing but constantly bitch about the state of things and constantly try to bring drama to the game. This aint rocket science it’s a game that people play to distract themselves from real life and to entertain themselves.

    I’m going to come right out and say it Rommel you went from one of my favorite players on the game to someone who just doesn’t know when enough is enough. This is a public forum people can voice their opinions here and that is mine. I sure would like to hear from the 10 or 15 people that still post on here to see if you agree or disagree.

    I sure do miss the days of Joe, Mandy, NoMoreSteve, CBX, Big Bear, HWB, Brain Damage, Chop, Vike, Loke, Sabi, DireWolf, Deathbal, Boy, Swandude, Outer, Raden, Human Bean, Leather Wolf, JinX, zombie (both of them), Vihor, Crispy Critter, Panther30, WoW Bagger, Willis, Mok (rubber duck), Acid, Peanuts Revenge, Laptops Daddy, NAKED STONER, and many many others so sorry if I missed anyone. Yes there were times that more than half this list gathered to play pre-Rommel. We gathered to slaughter eachother and BS about life. Sad sad thing to me is many don’t get to experience what I did when I joined scorched3d as MattD. They came to beginners and mentored me, they taught me they gave me breaks they played baby missles only against the noob so I could get my 50 in then they completely destroyed me when I came to Main. They teased me and talked to me, they kicked me back to beginners and explained that Main was just what it’s name reflected and that was the Main server for those that were serious about getting their game on. When I went back to beginners to learn they came in and taught me again. They hung out in stone age because that was the only server that my wife and I could play at the same time because of us using the same IP adress, then Gavin opened it up so we could play together.

    Now what do people experience? They experience a few people who come on try to learn the game no one to teach them the ones that know are so desperate to play against other humans that it is really hard to restrain yourself to missing on purpose and using baby missles only. If and that is a big If, these days, you get someone who comes on more than once to play again and you tell them about forums what do they get to see? An ADMIN that does nothing but get on forums and bitch, complain, accuse, point fingers, whine and bring up controversy after controversy. Geez that’s a game that I want to be involved in. Rom you called for an admin reform, you wanted those that didn’t play to be removed from the list, you don’t play anymore withdraw your admin status or you are nothing but a hypocrite. When I quit playing as often, I did the same (you have access to admin forums still check it yourself). This is not our game we have a responsability to promote the health of the game not the status of ourselves.

    We can make this game healthy again I know we can. What we need to do IMO is reinstate the 50, we did a vote on this and the vote went the way of doing so but was not done for some reason. Remove inactive players from the admin list including myself and Rommel, if the admins that are active re-nominate myself or Rommel then so be it but for now we need to be removed from the list along with 20 of the 25 admins listed. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, and teach, mentor, recruit. I fix computers for free for people I work with (little easy stuff) everytime I do, I do not accept payment the only thing I do is download scorched3d on their comps and tell them they have to try it at least once as payment to me for helping them. Don’t dirt and laser don’t dirt and hog, don’t do the easy stuff, yes do it against eachother in Main if that is all you have left to do but don’t do it to point out a weakness of the game. Don’t smurf (hide under a false name) don’t encourage controversy adress it then if it continues dump it. Don’t be afraid to ban players who are damaging to the game, screw the politically correct lawyer bullcrap of, the rules say this the rules say that, if it is not healthy to the game then get rid of it. We constantly hear that the rules say…the rules don’t say…there is a clique…after I have sat back and thought about it the clique thing worked, it wasn’t a clique in my opinion but an excellent group. A group that loved to have fun and so the group was healthy it thrived the group had fun and met often for games. Currently we have nothing, we have random players, we have disgruntled, annoyed, pissed off people who have left.

    Sorry about the rant, this is who I am, this is the game I fell in love with and have been dedicated to no matter what kind of bull crap went on, this is the game that I think can be awesome again, is still awesome but can have dedicated players who are loyal again and not paranoid questioning everything that happens, everything they say every weapon they use. Later.



    Everyone is allowed a good rant from time to time.



    Well said POM!! =D>
    Sorry guys… I had r/l take priority over game play & usual web activities.

    The only changes I can think of is: “Lets get back to playing Scorched3d & maybe using a careful hand & sound mind;
    Someone Diplomatic/Neutral (BigBear) or (Gavin)-Please remove all the hostile/hateful/useless banters/personal attacks from the past & lets start Anew”. *Keep all the good stuff-bury the bad*

    We As Admins

    *Promote sane game play.

    *Promote sane/non hostile forum banter. (Is ok to disagree-Trouble causing constant spam (anger/argumentative promoting banter) will not be tolerated.

    *Vote & Stick to a vote (Enforce a majority vote on the spot) when voting closes.

    *POM has great points also

    *Lets get back to the roots & community we used to enjoy*

    Lastly- Rommel
    You, Sir. . .(Used lightly), have caused more hate & discontent in-game & in this forum than any other player that I can remember all the way back to 2006!
    (2006 is when I started playing this game).
    My personal opinion is: Rommel should either step down or be dismissed from the Admin roles A.S.A.P. -I am not a hateful/vindictive person but, enough is enough!! Furthermore, if you believe someone is endangering this forum community or sane game play on 1 of the servers=Speak up & take action.
    *There are too many people that loved this game and the forum community & they should not be intimidated by any 1 person…or 2, for that matter*

    “The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few” 😉
    I vote POM to stay as an Admin=Very passionate about Scorched3d



    There is something deeply disturbing about the accusations i hear from time to time here.

    When a person cant see its own flaws it doesnt surprise me, when a community cant see its flaws its disturbing.

    The culture here is as much to blame as any single person or group on this forum.

    Pretend like you dont get it.If you got any guts you start with improving yourself and stop bitching about others, maybe then there is no basis of fact when i bitch about everything.

    Like that will happen, there is nothing reflective here.



    OO NOOS, i think i just caused hate and discontent, quickly blame me before i can defend myself!!!!



    POM said—“I sure do miss the days of Joe, Mandy, NoMoreSteve, CBX, Big Bear, HWB, Brain Damage, Chop, Vike, Loke, Sabi, DireWolf, Deathbal, Boy, Swandude, Outer, Raden, Human Bean, Leather Wolf, JinX, zombie (both of them), Vihor, Crispy Critter, Panther30, WoW Bagger, Willis, Mok (rubber duck), Acid, Peanuts Revenge, Laptops Daddy, NAKED STONER, and many many others “…..Now thats some bastages right there… 😆

    Also missing is Sadistic Fungus, Talon, ShyBastid,Sondra,Mandy,Naka,Naga,Henry (the Chef…napalmer), Joe, Sarge,Willis,Ebonite ….er….I need a drink (tears in my eyes) 😥 such a long list..

    Well….some us have never left…..we be jammin’ mon.. 8)

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