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    Hello all.I am a newbie at this game and i have some questions…First of all i want to ask about force shield.Sometimes shield dont save me from direct hit by baby roller or missle or baby sandhog 😯 I tried to do the same,make direct hit with 1000 power but my rollers can’t pass shield..Explain how this shield bug works please.



    Do you mean a direct hit by the missile that produces the baby rollers or the rollers themself? If you mean the rollers, then no it isn’t a bug, babyrollers will kill you even if you have a shield on. A sandhog will bounce off you shield, but a sandhog will go under you shield if close enough after the bounce.

    Sandhogs earth dirt and have a explosive yeild. The missile may not be hitting directly on your shiled but close enough to kill you will the fall.

    Some shields will not save you from a direct hit and even if it does if you don’t have parachutes on the fall will probably kill you.



    Sorry Jdog but you may have missed what he was saying.

    Guest I have seen and thought about this as well. I have no idea what the true nature is, but I do know that it is not something of dumb luck, its a known “trick” to some.. in other words thier able to preform it time after time.

    Back to Jdog … remember what Guest was refering to is the Force Sheild. This is the one that surrounds your unit and has the, to me its an aqua coloring. Now typicly when you hit this sheild your projectile is to bounce off.

    But ok you probably knew what the shield does after sayin its name.. anyway what he is getting at, is why some people can shoot AT this shield, and break its defenses. In other words their projectile does not bounce away but in fact does damage.

    In the event of a heavier weapon such as baby roller, it breaks the sheild and destroys the target. Rollers are that powerful, (thats a DIFFERENT story). However whenever he attempts to do this, his weapons just bounce away. Its in how the projectile makes contact with the sheild, not what projectile you use.

    My guess is you need to make contact with this type of sheild at its lowest point possible. At best reach it between the sheild and the ground. Which the projectile, even if it is bounced doward, has no where to travel and will still detonate on or near the sheild.

    However this is not a perfect theory. I do know if you shoot a projectile 90 degrees up on no winds, your projectile even if it is a baby missile will ignore that shield as if it never existed. Causing damage or worse death to you and destroying the sheild. ALL ON A BABY MISSILE.

    So again, more knowldge on how these sheilds operate is needed. Gavin?

    In regards to other sheilds I will comment, regular or heavy sheilds are not at all repeling and will take the full blow of any weapon that reaches it. This is why I advise greatly aginst using them they only make you a bigger (litterly) target. The deflect type sheilds only are good on the top of your unit, thier a nice tool have saved me on occasion, but I dont rely on them what so ever.



    bah, haven’t used shields since v38 started. cuts into my profits…

    But yes, willis is right, if a roller type weapon lands on or near the border of a Force Shield, when the rollers spawn out of it, they actually spawn into the same area as the shield. Since they area in the shield itself, they can’t “bounce” away fast enough, which results in “infinite contact”, reducing the shield to nothing almost immediately. Since the rollers didn’t go away, the next thing they contact is the tank itself, which leads to a dead tank.

    Sandhogs go under the ground, so they get around the shield that way.

    jdog is right about the parachutes, though. Shields will not save you from falling damage, so if a weapon destroys dirt directly under you, whether or not you have a shield, you will fall down (provided you’re stll alive). That damage can only be prevented by parachutes, no shield will save you then.


    hoopy frood

    Let me just weight in a bit. Since the new version this has driven me nuts.
    I used force shields in v37 exclusively. Now I wonder why I bother, 70% of the time I put 1 on someone takes me out with 1 hit. Sometimes a roller sometimes a nuke who knows.

    Now I know Im not the best shot but I can never pop 1 of these sheilds and kill the player 1 shot. I’ve tried placing the roller as stated. bah

    Drives me nuts. Why bother spending good money on a shield if it doesnt work.
    Maybe what I’m asking is this, is the Force sheild any better than a mag deflect…doesnt seems so- might bounce a few rolling rollers that it.
    Even if the person doesnt take the force shield out the first time he’ll get it the second.

    I’ve had players knock me and 1 of these shields out with an mirv 1 shot.
    Every time I tried it no matter how I hit the shield they just bounce..go figure(and yes I use chutes so its not the falling damage).

    My opinion is this…I spend good money on these shields and I think they stink since v38.

    What good is saving and good money management if theres no tactical advantage to buying a force shield. They seem to work only on the noobs.

    Hoopy (struggling for inlightenment)



    Hoopy, i dunno why you ever used a shield in version 37 when the rollers did not even bother to bounce off of the shield at all, once they spawned they simply passed through it automatically without damaging it, and then went unhindered to tank.

    Shields definitely do give you an edge, the one bad thing about them, or good thing about diggers i guess, is that a well placed digger will both destroy the shield, AND dig a player into a hole, basically nullifying the shield, so there is that one complaint. Diggers probably aught to be less effective at damaging shields.

    I like the heavy shield in for this. The radius of the shield is greater than the radius of the hole created by the digger, so the digger actually makes a small anti-roller pit in many cases, but it still damages the shields pretty bad. The heavy shield does make you a bigger target however, as mentioned


    hoopy frood

    I’ll give you that about the rollers once theve spanwned. However something has drastically changed because the force shield always helped(except when the rollers rolled).Now I find them almost useless. Baby missiles or regular missliles shouldnt take out a force shield no matter where there directed when the shields full and never kill In 1 hit.

    Thats just my opinion. I always had good luck in v37 with shields now I waste my time.

    One other thing I would like to understand is how someone can survive a direct hit from a deathhead. I deathheaded a player yesterday, he had a force shield on. He fell a long way. The deathhead only took out shield and a little damage to tank. Go figure, a baby roller can punch through a force shield and kill in 1 hit but a deathhead doesnt. Why do they call it a death head then.

    They should call it a Deathhead sometimes bomb.

    Tongue in cheek..

    Hoopy(just trying to understand)



    the only time I have ever seen a missle take out a shield is when the tank is on the floor of the terrain and it hits the shield somewhere very close to the edge. shield is alsways damaged too. i ahve NEVER seena baby missle take out a shield.

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