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    pastor of muppets

    Donkeyball is a game played upon an asses back. We literally rode donkeys to play basketball, the donkeys were trained to misbehave and throw us off. We played against the local high school as a fundraiser for project graduation. At the very beginning Mrs. Pastor zoom in on an incredibly handsome young man that is wearing a motorcycle helmet that would be me 🙂 Keep your eye on me if you want to be entertained I know of at least twice that I went down pretty hard, enjoy 🙂



    If you do this next year, you might do better wearing skates and “riding” a short donkey. Just a thought.

    “Daddy won right?”

    Yes, I think he did.


    pastor of muppets

    My team actually lost the game. Not until I watched the video and heard the giggles and the deep laughs did I win. But at that moment I won I really did, if you have kids don’t miss a single giggle and treasure the deep throated laughs of your wife and babies. Make a fool of yourself every chance you get so they get entertainment. I could and have play that video over and over with my eyes closed and listen to them and love every minute of it.



    I really enjoyed kid’s comments!
    3:13: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” < Favorite one!
    Silly donkeys!



    That looked really hard. How many bruises did you have??


    pastor of muppets

    Enough that I’m looking forward to next year 🙂






    Pom you should be held accountable for animal cruelty by riding on their backs and coercing them to perform tricks, hold them indoors and use them as an entertainment source by subjecting them into mental and physical pressure.
    Have you forgotten how to play basketball? Or do you arms and legs prove inadequate for both entertainment and achievement of success? Next thing we know you will be riding on a back of a rodent with you laptop to play some scorched.

    Also you should be held for hunting deers.



    Sorry pom but i agree with yusuf.

    I have worked in a shelter for mistreated donkeys and tough they look healthy, they are not enjoying it very much in my opinion. The first two donkeys look alarmed and scared by the noise, the ears flat in the neck indicate fear and the ears turning around means nervousness. Also the pushing around and pulling the donkeys around on their headgear seem to be the reason they “misbehave”

    When donkeys do not trust the situation they refuse to cooporate and push back. Cruelty is a bit too strong for this but for me its clear those donkeys don’t want to be there, they are probably used to riding children around on the beach or something, not hundreds of people screaming and pushing them around.

    I wasn’t sure if i should say something about it as there are much worse things out there.

    I don’t agree with the deer hunting comment tough, if it is either for food or controlling a deer population where there are no natural predators, and of course done in a responsible way its not a bad thing.


    pastor of muppets

    Just so you know the donkey’s in this film have been doing this for over fifteen years one of them for 27 years. They are trained from birth and are slowly introduced to the “sport”. As the crowd gets louder the donkeys do more “bows” (stopping suddenly and dipping their heads so the rider will fall off) and/or turning the opposite direction of what the rider tells them to.

    These same donkeys were used between games to give children rides they are held by the handle above their noses to understand that they are to follow the rules and behave. The crowds were just as loud and the floor a little more hectic at the time the kids were riding them and not one of them misbehaved at all. At half time the donkeys were taken outside to eat and drink and were a delight when not “performing”.

    These donkeys seemed very happy, mine even followed me after I took him off the floor and kept nuzzling me while we were taking our break. On the way back into the gym he was pulling me and excited or appeared to be excited to go back and perform again.

    Anyway this post was not to debate whether animals are to be ridden, perform for entertainment, or to be hunted for food. So I won’t debate it take it for what you will. I had fun and the donkeys appeared to also and the deer is still feeding my family and will continue to for another month or two, he was taken legally as have been all the animals I have hunted over the years following all rules and guidelines of my local and federal government.



    Humans eating animals is not something that I find offensive.

    Were any of us to honestly believe that others were eating
    our dead relatives, as either “born again” animals or as human
    corpses, we would have every right to be offended.

    That is unless we belonged to a religious sect that believed in
    eating our relatives corpses. The consumption of human flesh
    (cannibalism) is regarded as sacred to some people.

    Funny stuff, religious freedom.

    So was the video.

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