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    @cbx550f wrote:

    Hogs and kisses,


    Sabino, no offense but a higher limit is a horrid idea, i’d like to see a 10 kill limit. WHy, because common knowledge is that noobs get mullered at the BEGINNERS server too. Contrary to some opinions, the admins do play alot and are actually very helpful, although they’re generally stupid 😛 .

    whatever the case is, I agree, many noobs dont seem to have fun… I’m all ears though, however higher limits is not the way to go. the main server would likely die.



    Today i played on a begginers 4 the 1st time…

    I couldn play in the main becouse nobody was there..

    instead there were 12 people on begginers.

    of corse 2 guys had all round wins between them.
    others were unable to compete,

    they didn want to go 4 a main,

    they had more fun in destroinng real noobs:(

    i would make it impossible to play in noob server for people with more than lets say 200 kills..

    and maybe even turn the stats off..

    its sad that if i have some tiime ( i dont have too much) i cant play in my favourite server:)

    see u on main



    exactly that what i meant sry i meant have a top limit of overall kills for the beginers server so you have to play main which would only work if there was a bot there

    ref the stats i no a lot of ppl live for the stats and give them something to aim for

    but for me i play for the enjoyment of the game and talking to all my friends its no longer about the rank



    what abou ta money limit for over 50 kills ranks
    lets say if u got more then 50 kills… u wont be able to buy anything!
    this way.. if u are ranked (over 50 kills) u must shoot baby missiles only!




    Referring to the prior image posts that were cleaned, i noticed another
    player in there all day today. managed to work his way from rank 10, to
    rank 9.

    pretty much dominating every round i refreshed on.

    come’on guy, i even informed you that the other server had players…



    who was he?



    I appologize if the picture I posted offended someone, I am guessing it did since it was deleted, I was just trying to show that the noobs were getting abused by some veteran players, and I dont believe that was the purpose of that server, personally I thought it was a transition server to the main, a place to learn the game without getting slaughtered by vets.
    this was my only reason for posting it, I really dont understand why it was deleted, not upset just curious? especially since Apache “whom I respect” in the above post was asking Thrax the name of a player also abusing the server…..
    I love this game and would never want to abuse it, I am not sure what the solution is, but I wish the admins the best of luck in figuring out the right thing to do, and I guess I will think twice about what I post in the future on subjects like this.



    @judas wrote:

    what abou ta money limit for over 50 kills ranks
    lets say if u got more then 50 kills… u wont be able to buy anything!
    this way.. if u are ranked (over 50 kills) u must shoot baby missiles only!


    I like this idea.. lets go with it

    so any player with a good rank 300-1 wont be able to buy anything
    not even parachutes!!

    this may work well..vgood idea judas…this may prevent players
    from wanting to stick around for other reasons then to help PERIOD.

    though even that said.. I know a few who could still give a licking
    reguardless but atleast the n00bs would have a chance on = grounds

    I h8 being in n00bs and winning in kills or round wins ..period
    and I try not to spend .. even that though raises my money & puts me
    closer to winner.. so maybe a permanent slap setting for ranks 300-1

    so high rank players dont receive cash awards might be a good setting

    so no weapons or chutes or cash
    .. sounds fair to me if you think about it.

    @ Apache now perhaps it seems it would be a good time to start a pole
    on this subject as im really just tired of hearing about it personaly.

    pole being about changing the weapons & cash rewards availability
    for high ranked players to rid the majority of experienced players
    from wanting to step foot in beginners or face pwnage by n00bs

    maybe we could change/make a mini baby missle setting
    that only takes away 20 in health each shot wich becomes
    the weapon by default for those higher ranks.

    Baby Missile
    A small explosive projectile weapon



    hurt amount needs to be changed from 1.0 -to- 0.4
    but not sure how we could make this happen for high
    ranked players only .. maybe gavin might make this so for us
    but idunno.. all I know is im done with my 2cents on this matter.



    Dire, I got no clue who deleted it. 😡
    I sent a pm to that player that was mention in previous post in this topic.
    I’m hundling it/
    The money idea sounds interesting and cool.
    Another poll???? I alone posted 2 of them about the beginners srver….check the arcihve.
    I’m not sure that results or any kind will be execute. The admins and gavin are disscussing all the ideas that been said. In v40 there will be chamges. What kind? we will see.




    i did not delete it wolfiiii… i would not touch it 😉



    Was not me!!! O:) O:) O:) Oh wait i cant delete stuff. 😀 😀



    @boy wrote:

    I had not planned to post in this thread again, since its way too long, but i was glad for the conversation that was taking place….

    naturally it wont be constructive, ultimately, but i was glad we had the talk

    I dont think it was getting off topic at all. Please continue discussion.

    my appologies for putting this in the wrong thread – I’ve moved my irrelivant ramblings to the proper place.



    I like Judas’ idea of limiting pros to using baby missiles. I play most rounds on Beginner’s that way (not even buying chutes) and it’s still fun, even though other vets continue to load up on shields, rollers and hogs. Where’s the fun in dominating new players? (I see one admin do it daily, too). Couple that with bots targeting the best players and we’ll have ourselves a good game.

    What’s not fun is the tendency for babypros to accrue vast amounts of cash and then unleash a DH every round, for 4+ rounds out of 10. Put a cap on interest. For example, once you hit $100K on Beginners, you stop earning interest, but still collect cash from kills. If possible, don’t even award cash for DH kills.

    Also, increase the cost of a DH so people like, ahem, Judas, cannot join the server, sit one round, shoot a DH and leave. Today he even said that’s why he was there. Make one-shot-willies sit through at least TWO rounds to accrue the necessary cash, making the tactic less appealing.



    ….and i am the PROUD admin who is on the beginner server EVERY DAY and not just once, no many times

    and thanks guys on beginners, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

    see ya in the game




    I didn’t delete it, DW, though I thought about spamming it.

    *ducks and runs*


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